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Corn Mazes and Football

I’ve got to get a start on today’s story. I only have fifteen minutes before I need to leave to go pick up the twins, I wouldn’t recommend anyone having twins for their second batch of kids. If you insist on getting twins for your second batch have a set of boy/boy or girl/girl twins. Then one could assume when they both are sleeping over at someone’s house, you have a better chance it is the same house.

Both twins were invited to some kind of gathering at a haunted corn maze. Both twins went to the same corn maze but after the corn maze gathering each twin went to a different friends house to spend the night.

This corn maze thing is amazing. Farmers let kids run through their corn fields after each kid pays the farmer eighteen dollars to run around.

Farmers did not have corn mazes when I was a kid. Kids were not allowed to run through corn at all. Although, in the late summer every year my parents would take my brothers and me to one of my uncles’ farms. My parents and uncles would let my brothers and me run through the corn. They told us while we were running we might as well pick some corn to take home. Our parents gave us big burlap bags an told us not to stop running and playing until the bags were full.

I don’t mind farmers charging eighteen dollars to run through the corn. The extra money from running keeps the price of things like corn chips, corn tortillas and corn nuts reasonably low.

I’m going to start the story now. I started this morning but I had to go pick up the twins.

The fall sports seasons at the twins’ middle school are over. Elaine can finish her scarves. If this is the first time you have read my stories you are going to need to go back and read a couple more.

Boy Twin’s team (frankly speaking) was not very good. Of the eight games they played they scored in only three games. However, of the eight games they won two. Both games won were in the end of the year tournament.

Elaine’s football scarf, when finished will not have have much of the home teams’ color. Thankfully, the tournament games will allow for a couple color changes. Actually, one of the games Boy Twin’s team won 36-0. Boy Twin’s team saved up all their touchdown for the last two games. Boy Twin’s team did not kick any extra points all year. We will talk about their kicker later.

The last game of the tournament was a really close game. The other team scored first and then Boy Twin’s team scored. Neither team was able to kick an extra point, As I mentioned the kicker on Boy Twin’s team did not get many opportunities to kick this year.

Both teams scored again. Boy Twin’s team was kicking the ball to the other team after scoring. The kicker kicked the ball (about ten yards) to one of the big kids in the front row. The big kid picked up the ball and started running. He ran about five yards before he was hit by a kid on Boy Twin’s team. The players hit helmet to helmet. Hard! Both kids went to the ground. One kid got up staggering to the sideline. One kid did not get up.

Elaine: That’s Boy Twin! Me: I don’t think it is him! Elaine: It’s him! Look at those shoes!

I started looking at numbers on jerseys. No matter how much I hoped it wasn’t him, it was Boy Twin. I ran onto the field. Boy Twin was lying there awake but not moving, Before I got there Boy Twin was surrounded by adults, some of who announced they worked in the medical industry,

One of the adults asked Boy Twin simple questions testing his ability to think, They asked who was the President and how many quarters were in a dollar. Boy Twin guessed correctly on the President. He struggled with the quarters question and answered 20. I was thinking to myself, “For God’s sake, the kid just hit his head, he doesn’t need a math test.”

This is where I usually start drifting and the story ends up about me. I could tell you about some football glory days, but today I’m not talking about me.

After a while Boy Twin was carried off the field on a table, (I carried the right-front corner of the table, but this isn’t about me.) I asked Boy Twin if he could move. He said he could but, it really hurt.

It seemed like a hour before an ambulance arrived. The paramedics arrived and immobilized Boy Twin’s head and neck. While Boy Twin was loaded in an ambulance I was asked if wanted to ride along. I “gladly” accepted.

When your son (no matter which batch they came from) is lying on a backboard in an ambulance keeping one’s‘ composure is pretty tough. I was fighting tears (this story is not about me) until the ambulance driver started talking. The driver said, “hey, the kid is going to be alright.” Then we got into the real conversation.

The driver and I chatted about growing up, hunting, the President, and the causes of the homeless problem. We compared Mercedes ambulances to Dodge ambulances. I’m not sure I was interested in any of those subjects, but at least I wasn’t crying. (OK, I tried, but this paragraph was about me.)

The xrays showed no skeletal damage. Boy Twin was released to go home after a few tests. Some kid posted Boy Twin’s picture with his head and neck immobilized on Instastupid. Girl Twin was receiving texts from schoolmates showing support for her brother being PARALYZED!

I’m glad the football season is over.

Our crazy lives!


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