Bullies and Wasteoftimebook

The alarm went off this morning, Not Elaine’s noisy buzzing alarm. No, it was my all natural alarm.

At 6:11 AM I felt my alarm tugging at my blankets. I rolled over to faintly see a snow white dog with two very brown eyes with one foot on my bed staring at me in my still dark bedroom, I hit the “snooze” button and pushed her foot off the bed. The snooze time on my alarm is set for less than a second. Before I could get comfortable she had her foot back on the bed.

Neither one of us (the dog or me) had any reason to get up. It was still dark outside, no one was going to work or school. The other dogs were sleeping. I had heard Elaine get up and let the dogs out a couple hours before. (Don’t tell Elaine I was awake, but could you tell her not turn the light on while she goes down the stairs. It shines right in my eyes.)

Oh well, I guess it was time to make some coffee and tell you guys a story about life in Northern Colorado.

A couple months ago Girl Twin told her Grandma that she found a post on her smart phone that some girl at school wanted her dead. This happened to her in fourth grade also. That time it was a boy. This girl used Instastupid to sent this post to a few kids. The post got forwarded and eventually got to Girl Twin.

I don’t really know anything about Instastupid. The kids tell me its like Wasteoftimebook. (Now, before you start judging me, yes, I use Wasteoftimebook. But I have a lot of time to waste. Plus, I like knowing what others are having for dinner, and that they are on vacation while I am throwing hay over a fence in the snow.)

Did I get off track? I seem to have lost focus. Oh yeah, Girl Twin.