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Maggie Knows

I hope you remembered to change your clock last night. That is if you live in a place that changes the time.

Someone must have told Maggie it was time to change the clock. Maggie was pounding on my side of the bed at 5:20 MST time. If I would have change my clocks to the correct time it would have been 6:20 Daylight Time.

I patted her head hoping it was going to be like hitting the snooze alarm. I thought she would let me sleep a while longer. She punched the bed again, I’m not one to give up easily. I patted her head again. Unfortunately, Maggie doesn’t give up either. She punched the bed again, harder this time.

I felt Elaine move on her side of the bed. I laid very still. It worked; Elaine was getting up to let Maggie and the rest of the dogs outside. This is going to be a glorious start to daylight savings time, which really means springtime.

I stay in bed another hour. It turned out to be a bad idea.

I like to get up, check out the news on the internet, and yes, I look at Facebook. I also, check out the administration page of my stories to see if anyone is reading this stuff, Some days I think if no one is reading this crap, I will retire. My typing finger gets really tired.

If you noticed I said typing FINGER. Maggie is sitting on my right side punching my chair as I try to type. She wants me to pet her. I cannot type with effectively with one hand on a dog and the other hand on the computer. If you were going to tell me to tell her to go away, you weren’t paying attention to the first part of this story. Maggie does not give up easily.

Just so you know, when Maggie leaves I sometimes use two fingers, or any combination up to eight fingers.

It looks like I’m going to do another construction project in the mall again. I actually just finished a dog/cat food store across the road from the mall. I didn’t write about it at the time because the twins took up the the majority of my ability to type. ( I had just picked up a little typing speed, but Maggie is back.)

The dog/cat food store is open. I don’t understand the concept of the store. The store touts itself as selling only healthy products. They sell meat products, with no corn fillers. Here come the part I understand……….the store is run by vegans. Why are they happy about their pets eating meats (and very expensive meats) when they won’t eat meat? This is one of life’s greatest mysteries.

One more thing, I have four dogs that I love. Sadly, I cannot see me ever buying any of them duck meat dog biscuits that cost $24.99 for three ounces. My dogs do not have that level of sophistication. I have seen all four of my dogs eat yak poop. (OK, I try to stop them, but one person cannot stop four determined dogs.)

Anyway, I sent in a bid to the mall developers last week. If our company is the low bid I’ll be back in the mall. They tell me the roof is fixed.

Our crazy lives!


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