Another Yarn Fest and More Middle School Sports

Another Yarn Fest has come and gone. We at Your Daily Fiber would like to thank you for your support. When I say Your Daily Fiber, I mean Elaine and Ivy. Me? Not so much. Once again I did not get to participate. Elaine and Ivy get to fun of selling the yarn and talking to the people that enjoy the yarn. Me? My job is dye the yarn and then I get to carry it. Elaine tells me I am good at both tasks. I don’t see her changing my tasks any time soon.

I did get to greet customers in the store while Elaine and Ivy were living it up at Yarn Fest. I was pretty good at my job. A nice lady from the Midwest came in and picked out some yarn. She even asked me if I thought the yarn in her hand was lace weight or DK weight. I’ve heard Elaine and Ivy talk about yarn weights so I thought, “Monner don’t panic, you have this. She didn’t say do you KNOW if this yarn is lace weight or DK. She said, do you THINK this yarn is lace weight or DK.” I told her I thought it was DK. Of course, while I was guessing, I called Ivy and asked her if I was right. Sometimes a smartphone can be your best friend. Did I mention I guessed right? Chalk one up for Ol’ Monner.

Another lady came in and asked me to dye some yarn to her specifics. I had just spent the last month dyeing yarn and did not dye what she was looking for. Oh well, at least the job is going to be easy.

After Yarn Fest was over Elaine mentioned she had fun, but she was glad it was over. She was going to return to her life of knitting, weaving, and spinning. I’m going back to construction. Doesn’t seem fair to me but you can decide for yourself.

Now that I think about it, it is fair. I won’t have to carry big boxes of yarn and Elaine won’t need to tell me where to put them. See everyone’s a winner!


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