Cleaning the Trailer, the Laptop Cord, and Favorite Fingers

I woke up this morning thinking I was going to write a story just like every other Sunday morning. It didn’t happen. Oh, I wanted to write a story, but I have children (and a wife). Sometimes family comes before stories.

I brought out the laptop to start writing. when I heard someone (Elaine) say, “If we are going to Jackson next month, we need to clean out the camping trailer.” The next thing I heard was one of the kids (Girl Twin) say, “I’m not helping, you’ve been telling me I need to clean my room and I’m doing that today. Someone else can clean the trailer”.

Reluctantly, I knew I was going to need to get involved. Why can’t teenagers just see that no one ever died from cleaning a trailer, and parents are smart enough to realize teenagers rarely have the intention of cleaning their rooms

Well the trailer is clean and everyone helped. Even though the trailer was finished, my list was not “Monner, my shower drain is still plugged. You said you were going to fix it.” I did say that, but I didn’t think they were listening. They usually aren’t.

So here I am, it is almost 4:00 PM, my family is watching television and I am still working on my morning chores. I came very close to not being able to write at all.

I type this stuff on Elaine’s laptop. Elaine used her laptop in the store yesterday. When she packed up her computer to bring it home she left the charging cord in the store. Without the cord, I would be unable to tell a story.

At 8:30 last night I drove the 45 m