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I Want to Go Back to School and Independence Day

I can’t believe it is already the July 4th weekend. Summer is nearly halfway over.

Boy Twin announced last week he is ready to go back to school. Elaine and I asked why he would be ready to go back to school, he replied, “I want to see my friends.”

Me: Why don’t you call someone and invite them over? Boy Twin: I don’t have a phone.

If you remember, Boy Twin lost his phone just before school released for the summer. He hasn’t spoken with a school friend since school let out, including his “girlfriend.”

Me: We have other phones. There is a phone in the house and at the store, the yarn store, YOUR DAILY FIBER. (I really didn’t say the store’s name, but I needed to get the yarn stuff out of the way or Ivy reprimands me.)

Boy Twin: I thought of that, but I don’t know anyone’s number. Me: Are you kidding me? You honestly don’t know one friend’s phone number. Boy Twin: No, I have a contact list on my phone, but I can’t find my phone. Me: Oh my God! How’s that working for you?

For the last five weeks he has not talked to a friend. He doesn’t know their phone numbers. His phone knows the numbers, but not Ol” Boy Twin. That will make for a lonely summer.

We have given up on finding his phone. He thinks he may have left it on the bumper of the truck. It might be buried in his room, however, he says he has looked there.

I felt a little sorry for him and decided to let him use an old smartphone I had in a drawer. Coincidentally, Girl Twin’s phone would no longer take a charge and she needed a different phone also.

Of course, she decided she didn’t like her phone and slammed it on the table in hopes of getting a new one. After a few weeks of no phone, she asked if she could have an old phone that belonged to Elaine. Elaine thought she had learned enough of a lesson and let her have the old phone.

Both twins now have “old” phones. Oh yes, for $160 dollars, I could have upgraded their phones. I’m just not that nice of a parent and the lesson goes on.

Weirdly. Girl Twin’s contact information transferred to Elaine’s old phone. Boy Twin’s information did not transfer. The guy at the store said it was an Apple to Android thing. I have no idea what any of that means, so I will continue to trust phone numbers to my memory. Contact list, oh brother!


This isn’t a relaxing holiday for me. I have too many things to do.

I might have mentioned Elaine is a vendor at the 50th Annual Jackson Hole Art Fair. When Elaine attends art fairs, Ol’ Monner has a bunch of WORK to get her there. Things like servicing the trailer axles, building displays, pack the trailer and replace the pump in the duck pond. Ok, I don’t always replace the pump in the duck pond, but I am this time.

I love the history of the July 4th holiday. It has always been amazing to me that this group of guys were all in the same place at the same time. Guys like Washington, Adams, Revere, Henry, Jefferson, Hamilton and Franklin were all on the east coast of “America” in the mid to late 1700′s.

Think about it, we can’t get three guys to agree on anything today. Oh, I think of other things also. I wonder why in the early 1960′s, the masters of rock and roll were in England. The Stones, the Beatles, the Who, Clapton, Page, the list goes on. Why were all the black singers in Detroit in the ’50′s and ’60′s? My guess is it was gifts from God.

Happy Independence Day. Thank you, Founding Fathers!

Our crazy lives!


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