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Memorial Day and Watermelon

There was a time in my life when I looked forward to the Memorial Day holiday. Memorial Day meant a day off from work, the end of school, or maybe the first barbeque or camping trip of the year.

Some years back, in my adult life, I realized Memorial Day is not a holiday at all. The point of Memorial Day was to honor and remember the people that are no longer on earth to talk to, laugh with, take a walk, or go to a ballgame with or anything else with. They are just gone.

It seems appropriate to remember and honor the men and women that gave everything they had to give us the right to pursue the things that we enjoy and make us happy. Like Monner’s Mumblings! (Sorry, I’ll try not to do that again.) Throughout the history of this country, the military have been asked to give more than anyone should be asked to give.

I personally would like that everyone who has ever served this country. I have no other words.

Thank you.

I have lost non-military loved ones that I also think about on Memorial Day. A couple of those losses have made me realize that Memorial Day is not a holiday. It is a time to get through and move on.

To those I have lost, know I don’t need a holiday to remember you. I think of you every day wishing you were here. The twins are great. Boy Twin was named “Student of the Year” at middle school and won a scholarship. (I would like to take credit for that, but you guys have read some of this crap. We better let Elaine have credit for his academic excellence.) Both twins are athletes. In fact, Girl Twin would be the fastest girl in the school if the track coach would let me put an ice cream cone at the finish line. (I can’t really prove this because the coach won’t let me use the ice cream and she won’t run without it.)

Remember those that are gone.


Well, I promised to write about yarn.

Ivy is making me dye yarn again. She is not asking me to dye jewel tones, pastels, or anything easy like that. She is MAKING me dye watermelon colors. Yep, WATERMELON! I need to start with green “rind” colors and end up with the pink/red “fruit” colors. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the seeds.

OK, the idea was cool (Not my idea). Why watermelon? Turnips are colorful! Elaine likes potato brown. Someone needs to get Ivy under control before I need to start an entire line of fruit/vegetable yarns.

Our crazy lives!


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