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Happy Easter

Happy Easter/April Days Fools Day!

Last night, Girl Twin said to me, "I see you didn't buy Easter egg dye." I looked around, hoping she wasn't talking to me. I knew in my heart she was talking to me, that didn't keep me from hoping. I looked to the other adults for help, there wasn't any help from them. Everyone was looking at me.

I suggested that now that she and Boy Twin were in high school, they wouldn't want to dye eggs. She simply said, "We always dye eggs."

That hit me hard. I didn't understand the rules. Over the last couple years, I watched the Twins stop "trick or treating" with me to be with their friends. That one hurt! Getting them to go to dinner is getting less and less frequent.

I offered to make the 40(+) mile trip back to town to get dye. She indignantly replied, "It's too late." I didn't understand the rules.

I had bought a chocolate bunny and some Easter treats and a small gift (hoodies) for each of them. I woke early and hid some Easter candy around the house. (It's now after 9:00 AM and I haven't seen either twin.)

I'm cutting today's story short. I'm going to town to buy Easter egg dye. Girl Twin is wrong, it is not too late. I'm going to town; we always dye eggs. And I'm getting the dye at 50% off.

Our crazy lives!


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