Broken Lance and Yarn Crawl Parking

I slept late this morning. Oh, Maggie (the Great Pyrenees) scratched on the bed at 5:00, but I went back to bed. I went to bed last night at an age appropriate time, but I didn’t go to sleep. No, that time was not 7:30.

I was lying in bed watching an old Western movie called “Broken Lance”. Spencer Tracy, Robert Wagner, Richard Widmark, some chick; (1954).

I had never seen this movie before and actually, I thought it was pretty good. Elaine thought so too. I know this because I looked over at her and she had on her earphones listening to a book on her tablet, glasses on and eyes closed. I thought to myself, “It doesn’t matter, It’s my birthday and I get to pick what’s on television. (Did you get that birthday part? We’re going to talk about that in a minute.)

With Elaine asleep, and less than a half hour of the movie left, I decided to be considerate (Don’t act surprised.) and turn down the volume of the television. I had a senior citizen moment. I pushed the on/off button, not the volume button. When I turned the television back on, I was watching a food channel. (It took a while to find the correct button in the dark.) I will never know how Spencer Tracy dies and if Robert Wagner hooks up with the chick, whose name I do not know. (Before anyone takes exception with my use of the word “chick”, movies are called chick flics, not woman flics. God, I hate living in 2018.)

I was a “little” disappointed with the turn of events. I laid in bed and fumed. I ended up watching a food channel until 1:48 AM. (I looked at the clock.) Maggie scratched three hour and twelve minutes later.

Ivy insists that I tell stories about Your Daily Fiber. What’s great is, I have one to tell, and I can include my birthday in the story.