Asthma, No Shoes and Something Big

Last weekend’s art fair/trade show was a success, well, for everyone but me. Elaine sold a record number of pieces. Ivy and the store did well, but not records. The twins enjoyed their sleepovers. Me? I fed the dogs, killed flies, watched baseball and breathed smoky air.

Honestly, the air is what turned out to be the biggest problem.

Saturday morning, I woke up with a horrible sore throat. I could have written about my sore throat last week, I did not want anyone to think I was complaining like a millennial. Hey, it might be the norm in 2018, but I was born quite a few years ago, to a world long gone.

Sorry, anyway, the deeper I got into the weekend the worse my throat got. The skies and air were full of smoke. I was sure the smoke was the reason I felt so bad.

Elaine and Ivy arrived home around noon, on Monday. After exchanging hellos, I said, “I need to go to the doctor.” I think they might have noticed that from the sound of my voice. Since the changes in health care of ten years ago, we go to a doctor’s office that has about 650 doctors and the one you want to see is booked, playing golf, or just took the day off. I chose Urgent Care.

At Urgent Care, I was immediately directed to an examination room. The nurse did the height, weight, blood pressure, and temperature thing. The nurse asked me if I knew I had a fever. I told her, I was not aware, however, I mentioned I was cold. She told me my fever was quite high (102.9). She suggested I take three red pills and a glass of water. The nurse said, “Make yourself comfortable, the doctor will be in shortly.” She opened the door and left. When she closed the door, I jumped up and started going through the drawers looking for stuff to play with. I love the tongue sticks!

After a few minutes, the doctor walked in.