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Twenty Years

If you are reading today hoping for an update on my foot, thank you. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to report. As my foot continues to heal, it is wrapped with gauze and an “ace” bandage. Personally, I believe the foot is healed, however, the podiatrist has ordered me to keep the foot bandaged until she looks at my foot this coming Wednesday.

Hopefully, at some point this week, my morning shower will be taken without wrapping my foot in plastic trash bags and sealing the bags with “press and seal” to keep the wound dry.

After a couple weeks of bronchitis and about six weeks of a foot injury, I was able to return to construction this past week. During my medical “vacation” I was contacted by a company that I had worked for over twenty years ago. We had conversation many times over the last twenty years about returning, but for one reason or another it just never worked out.

Employer: Hey Monner, I have a job perfect for you.

Me: I have a foot injury. Employer: I doesn’t matter, I don’t care. Me: Can’t you find anyone else? Employer: You promised to come back some day.

I should have waited another twenty years. The job I was to do, is supervising the installation of windows in a brick wall. This brick wall is on the exterior of a fitness center. So imagine, cutting the brick, removing the brick, repairing the brick to accommodate the windows, and installing the windows: all while the fitness center is open.

Did I mention the job is a two hour drive from my house? I should have waited another twenty years.

I arrived at the project and introduced myself to the fitness center owner. I seemed to be going well.

Owner: Where’s Kevin? Me: Do you mean the Kevin that is from our office? Owner: Yes, where’s Kevin? Me: Kevin is in the office, in Atlanta! Kevin won’t be here, you’ll be dealing with me. Owner: Oh, I was under the impression I would deal with Kevin. Me: Nope.

The owner and I discussed the job, the process and the duration of the project. While this was happening I sheepishly noticed there were no workers on the site. (Did you notice I brought sheep into the conversation? This is a Your Daily Fiber blog.) I ended the conversation with the owner and called Kevin.

Me: There are no workers here. Kevin: Yeah, I know. We don’t actually have anyone to do the work. Me: Huh? Kevin: We don’t actually want to do the window job. The owners of the fitness center are going to build a new building. They are making us install the windows on this building for the opportunity to build the new building. Me: I’m pretty sure they are going to notice we are not installing the windows. Kevin: We are going to install the windows, I just need time to find people to actually do the work. Just keep the owners happy until I find people. Me: I should have waited another twenty years. Kevin: Huh? Me: Nothing.

I turned around to find the owner standing there.

Owner: How’s it going? Me: Great, just great! Owner: Good, you know you are already a day behind schedule.

Our crazy lives!


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