Doctors Appointment

I would like to thank everyone who read last week's story. If you didn't read the comments on Spacebook, I would like to apologize for the typos. The truth is, I had difficulty reading the story after I wrote it and I just hit the "publish" key. I'm sure some of you that knew me from school secretly thought, "There's the Monner we know!"

I appreciated the comments and acknowledgements.

Larry returned to his home Christmas Eve. He had enough of the hospital and asked to go home. He watches Judge Judy and drag racing on the "biggest" TV I have ever seen in anyone's bedroom. I have exchanged more "I love yous" with Larry this past week than we had exchanged in the last fifty-six years. (Don't let that happen to you.) I am thankful for every minute we spend together.

I brought up last week's story on Larry's cell phone and handed the phone to him. I asked him to read it as I left the room. I knew I would never be able to say what I was able to write. I'm pretty sure he didn't read the story because he didn't say anything like, "It would have been a great story, if you could spell and type."

OK, I'm getting emotional and need to change the subject. I want to talk about something fun; skin cancer. I know skin cancer is not fun, but mine is fun to tell a story about. Let's keep an open mind, I'm having a rough week. This is an update to a story I wrote a couple weeks ago.

I have a Blah, blah, carcinoma on my neck. It showed up as a spider-looking spot about the size of the head of a 16d nail. (Elaine doesn't know how big the head of a 16d nail is, so it is about 1/4" in diameter. You see, 16d is a construction term and not all (construction language) is foul.)

Friday morning I had the Blah, blah carcinoma removed. Without going back and rereading the story of my trip to the dermatologist, the doctor had removed some tissue to send to the lab. (Why do they call it tissue? It was a piece of my neck!)