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Home for the Weekend

As Ivy pointed out, we haven’t talked about Your Daily Fiber in a while. I’ve told her I’ve had some stuff going on in my life. I’ve been kind of busy with construction, hotel sausage, 5Ks, sad stuff and now temporary laborers.

Before we talk about Your Daily Fiber and temporary laborers, I would like to share with you the list Elaine has for us when I am home on weekends.

Elaine: Can we take down the Christmas lights this weekend? Me: By we, you mean me, right? Elaine: You know I’m going to help.

Me: If we have some decent weather and no snow on the cliff, we can take them down.

We can’t put Christmas lights on our house like everyone else. Oh no, that would be too easy. A few years back, I found that the Orange Depot sells solar powered Christmas lights. I bought them thinking we could decorate a couple trees on our property. Elaine loved the idea, but as Elaine does, she took my idea and made it better. Sometimes better means more dangerous.

Me: Look at these great lights. Let’s take them out a ways and decorate a couple trees. Elaine: Great idea! Let’s decorate the trees above the cliff! Me: That would be great, as long as there is no snow on the cliff. Elaine: We need to get out soon.

Elaine has a couple extra ideas that complicate things.

First Idea: We get more lights every year. Second Idea: The lights stay on until after the National Western Stock Show is over.

Idea #2 guarantees the cliff will have snow. However, the Stock Show is over and Elaine is getting twitchy. “We need to get those lights down.”

As I have gotten older, Boy Twin has volunteered to help me put the lights up and take them down. As Boy twin has gotten older, his social life has made the volunteering a thing of the past. I’ve thought about falling off the cliff to teach him a lesson, but Elaine thinks that’s a bad idea.

Elaine has also reminded me I need to pick up hay for the llamas and yak. This is also a task that in days gone by, I could count on help from Boy Twin. Well, that was then and this is now; Boy Twin’s invited to a sleep over.

I started my weekend early Friday from my construction job. The weather was cold and I didn’t have any desire to be in the cold.

I stopped at Your Daily Fiber before I headed to the house. I noticed something immediately.

Me: Someone needs to dye some yarn. Ivy: Well, you know whose job that is. Me: Do we have any yarn? Ivy: We will have! Me: Oh, yippie!

If you are wondering about temporary laborers, temporary labor companies do a lot of work on construction sites; things like picking up construction debris, shoveling snow, etc.

I have been working with a company that has supplied me with plenty of great guys (and gals) to help with snow removal. They are sent out in teams of two.

Wednesday was exceptionally cold. I had two men shoveling snow. I instructed the men, “When you get cold, go sit in your vehicle.”

Laborer #1: He’s not getting in my truck. Me: What? Laborer #1: HE’S NOT GETTING IN MY TRUCK! Laborer #2: He’s an (construction language) hole! Me: You guys need to get the (construction language) out of here.

I need to go; I just saw something run by the window. It was the yak. That means a gate is open somewhere. The llamas are out, also. We need to go round them up.

Our crazy lives!


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