Bomb Cyclone, Pink Mobile and White Guy

Yea, though I walk through the shadow of the Bomb Cyclone, I fear no evil, because I had been to the grocery store and we did not lose power. In the sixteen years Elaine and I have lived in this house, we have seen more snow, but we have never seen snow with wind and cold like the Bomb Cyclone. We didn’t open Your Daily Fiber Wednesday, because we could not get the SUV down the driveway. (I just mentioned Your Daily Fiber to get the yarn stuff over with and out of the way.)

The Bomb Cyclone brought me even with my dad. My dad lived through the “Blizzard of ‘49”. He liked to talk about the “Blizzard of ’49” every time it snowed after the “Blizzard of ’49”. If he were here, we could compare “blizzards”. I could tell him, “You probably didn’t know or realize that blizzards are caused by diesel engines and cows' passing gas.” He could tell me, ” I don’t know what you were doing in the ‘70’s; son, but hopefully you regret it.” Dad and I didn’t talk often, but when we did we didn’t always agree.