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Masters Level Knitting and Proms

This past week went by really fast. I have things to say.

First, we should start with the store. Ivy has Level #1 Master’s knitting certificate. I don’t know what that means. She tried to explain what it meant, but I got test anxiety and stopped listening. I think it has to do with some national board knowing that Ivy knows how to do something on a Level #1. Does that make sense? It didn’t to me either.

Me: How many levels are there? Ivy: Three Me: Do you know stuff in all the levels? Ivy: Yes Me: Are you going to get all of the certificates? Ivy: I’m not sure. Testing is really hard and time consuming. I need to decide. Me: Well, I’ve been successful in construction without certificates. I did have a contractor license, but I let it expire. Ivy: You are not helping me decide. Not everything is about you! Me: I wonder if they have Master Level in yarn dyeing. I could get on the board. Ivy: From now on, I am only talking to Mom.

Ivy has decide to get the other Master Level certificates. I have decided to support her from afar. Really, really, far. She gets really, grumpy when she is studying.

Girl Twin’s been invited to the prom. People tell me that the prom is an important event in a teenager’s life. Thankfully, I don’t usually listen to people. I don’t like proms.

I don’t like playing dress up. I don’t like dressing for dinner. I don’t like all that dancing. I don’t like teenager’s going to after prom parties. Let me backtrack for a minute, I do like dinner, I just don’t like dressing up for it.

As a parent, I don’t like buying dress up clothes and I really, don’t like after prom parties. Girl Twin told me a story this past weekend. Seems, one of her close friends went to a high school party the previous weekend. This girl (AKA Elaina) told her own mother that she was spending the night at a friend’s (AKA, Riley). Her real intent was attend the party, get drunk and sleep in her car. Does anyone see the problem here? The night started as planned, but took a turn towards the worse, when another girl (AKA, No Name) found Elaina and a boy trying to sleep in a car. No Name tried to take Elaina home but Elaina became belligerent and ran away into the night. (Drunk teenagers will do that. I have no personal experience here, but I’ve read about it.) Elaina’s mother was called, Elaina was found and taken home. Elaina’s Mom believes that the problem started Riley’s house and has forbid Elaina to hang out with Riley. (Riley was grounded and didn’t attend the party.)

If you do not see why I don’t like after prom parties, let me start over. As a parent……oh, just forget it!

A close friend from my construction world called me this past week and asked, “Are you tired of living in the motel yet?” I told him about the continental breakfast complete with sausage and he replied, “I think I know where you have an opportunity to work near home.” I had a job interview Thursday. It looks like I might need to start eating sausage at home.

We have new cotton yarns in time for spring knitting. Our store boasts of having a Masters Level #1 instructor, soon to be Level #2 and then maybe #3. Personally, I will be looking into Master Level Dyeing certification, but I have this test anxiety thing. Maybe I should just renew my contractor license.

Our crazy lives!


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