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A Day Off

I took a day off. For the last almost ten years, I have worked 99% of all Saturdays in the Your Daily Fiber store. Saturday is the day that Elaine and I spend the day together at the store. Elaine teaches classes and sells yarn and stuff while I take care of my responsibilities.

I felt bad about not working in the Your Daily Fiber this past Saturday. I have a tremendous amount of responsibility on Saturdays. I am responsible for turning on the lights, things like that.. I usually pick up lunch and sit behind the sales counter, reading news websites. Sometimes, I help run the cash register. That is my favorite part of my job. Hey, I know you like it when people hand you money.

Sometimes customers come up to the sales counter to pay for their yarn. That is when I call for Elaine or Ivy to finalize the sale. Elaine and Ivy will ask me if I could handle that, but most times I can’t.

Not often, but sometimes people want talk to me. They want my advice. Not about yarn or anything like that. Most of the time customers ignore me and ask for Elaine or Ivy. However, I can’t begin to tell you how many times people have asked me, “Do you have a restroom?”

I had scheduled to meet an electrician and a plumber to come up to the house to help me repair a couple things.

Livestock can be rough on things around the house. Last year, I noticed Mac the Yak had destroyed a couple outdoor electric outlets. Mac likes to scratch himself on fence posts. Why he needs to pick the two posts that have electric outlets on them, I will never know. I would like to believe it is not done with malice, but I can’t be sure.

It is getting cold as the summer is rapidly changing to fall. I don’t think Mac realizes that he and I need those outlets to keep his water from freezing this winter. I’ve thought about teaching him a lesson, but Elaine tells me that would be wrong.

One of the things that I have learned in my many years of construction, electricity hurts when done incorrectly. Even though, I probably could have repaired the outlets myself, I have an electrician friend (Who is the best electrician I have ever met.) mentioned he had not been to my house in a long time. It was as if was meant to be.

I have a plumber friend, also. Our kitchen faucet started acting up a couple weeks ago. Water at the kitchen sink was never more than a trickle. Elaine went to the Orange Depot to pick out a kitchen faucet last week. When she left Orange Depot, she had a kitchen faucet and three bathroom faucets. It’s not that I’m lazy (OK, maybe I am lazy) but crawling under one sink to install a faucet, let alone, now four sinks, is NOT how I want spend a summer Saturday. I called my plumber friend.

On an unrelated note, Boy Twin needed to write a paper for his English class. When he had finished with his paper, he asked the family (including me) to read the paper.

He had written a paper detailing why he doesn’t eat “ranch dressing”. The paper was quite funny. After I finished reading and before I could comment, he said, “I wrote it like your stories.” I’m thinking of passing the torch. It was that good.

Our crazy lives!


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