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History and the Fashion Show

As a student growing up in Northern Colorado, history, was always my favorite subject. It could have been the teachers but I think it was most likely the stories. I remember my teachers telling us (the students), “If we don’t study history, it will repeat itself.” Well, history repeated itself Friday night. I went to a fashion show.

I’m not allowed to say, “Elaine made me go to a fashion show”, but, I went to a fashion show, you figure it out!

This is where the history part comes in, I’ve been to the same fashion show before, although I haven’t been for eight years.

In fairness, Elaine likes history also. She has a degree in history; art and fashion history. While I was interested in George Washington and the founding fathers, Elaine was learning about what Ol’ George was wearing.

Over the years, Elaine and I have shared our love of history. I may not know the name of the fabric in George Washington’s coat, but I know he wore a coat. I use some of that knowledge Elaine passed to me for my own fashion sense. For instance, I won’t wear cowboy boots with shorts. It doesn’t matter if they are my ostrich boots, they can’t be worn with shorts.

Anyway, Friday night, I threw on clean shorts and appropriate shoes (I think they were appropriate.) and went with Elaine to a fashion show. In a sea of long gowns and black ties, I might have been the only one in shorts, OK, I was the only one in shorts; but the attendees was supposed to look at the fashion on the stage. They shouldn’t have been looking at me.

I don’t know how Elaine did it, but she convinced the Twins and Ivy to spend a Friday night with us at a FASHION SHOW. Girl Twin actually brought a friend. I probably should check the balance of the checking account, but some things are best left unknown.

Before I go farther, I should say that Elaine was one of the featured artists in the fashion show.

It sounds hard to believe but I think the kids had a good time. (I’m not looking at the checkbook, I’m not.) If you have ever been to a fashion show, I’m sure you would agree, there is plenty to see.

There is stuff that will make you say, “That is so beautiful.” Then of course, there is the stuff that would make George Washington say, “Who in the (construction language) would wear that?’’ I Know, I didn’t know I didn’t know the Father of the Country talked like that, either.

There was some incredible stuff, Elaine’s included. However, I did hear the youngsters giggle a few times. Elaine loved hearing the kids yell, “Go, Grandma!”, when Elaine’s stuff showed on the runway.

Some of the fiber artists did some cool stuff with dyeing. Because, I do most of the dyeing of yarn for YOUR DAILY FIBER, (See Ivy, I mentioned the store.) I was interested in the things the artists were doing with color. Some of the artist were doing something called “Shibori”. I had to ask Elaine how it was done. (That fashion history degree comes in handy sometimes!)

Elaine: Do you want me to explain it so even you will understand it? Me: That’s why I asked. Elaine: OK, It is a Japanese technique where the fabric is fold and fastened be before it is dyed. Me: Oh, it’s tie-dyed. Elaine: No, it creates patterns. Me: Oh, it’s Japanese tie-dyed that creates patterns. Elaine: I don’t know why I talk to you.

Elaine, had a fantastic time, as did the kids. Seriously, spending time with the family is always great. Seeing Elaine’s garments of models made the night great.

After the show Elaine was schmoozing with the other artists and attendees. I was doing my best to stay out of the hand shaking and hugging, when a model walked up to me and thanked me personally for coming. I think somehow she found out I have ostrich boots.

It’s been eight years since Elaine decided to participate in this fashion show. I think she is planning for next year. I’m think about learning a little about Japanese tie-dye before next year. Of course, there is a chance George Washington coat will be all the rage at next years’ show. I have knowledge of that already.

Our crazy lives!


You can see Elaine's garment yourself. No need for gown and ties.

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