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Halloween and Ten Years

Halloween is just not my favorite “holiday”. As a kid, Halloween was great. Mom would buy some fire-proof costume with a plastic mask that remained firmly attached to my head with a rubber band around the back of my head.

The costume wasn't the important part. The important part was the candy. My friends and I would start the trick or treat thing as soon as the sun went down. In those days, every house on our street had candy, even the grumpy college professors’ houses. Most of the time the (3) professors on our street didn’t want us in their yards, but it was Ok on Halloween. In a couple hours, my friends and I had enough candy to keep us satisfied for at least a week, and our dentists smiling for another year.

The twins have finally arrived at the age where Halloween doesn’t make sense. I didn’t see Boy twin working on a costume. Of course Boy Twin was not ready to give up the trick or treat thing. He asked Elaine and I if he could attend a sleepover in town and trick or treat after the young children were back at their homes.

Boy Twin doesn’t realize that a few years ago I also went trick or treating after the young kids went home. I may or may not have smashed a couple pumpkins along the way. I could run considerably faster back then.

Unforeseen to Girl Twin, she had to work at the sandwich restaurant Halloween night. Her trick or treat career appears to be over. However, unknown to Elaine and I; Girl Twin and one of her friends prepared costumes to wear on Halloween.

Elaine was sent a picture of Girl Twin and her friend in their costumes on Spacebook. Confused, Elaine asked Girl Twin what the photo was about. Girl Twin said she simply forgot to tell us.

Immediately, after taking this photo, the one of other participants ask Girl Twin who was driving. Girl Twin pointed at her friend. It seems Girl Twin had earlier cut the other driver off, he wasn't amused, however, he was amused Girl Twin blamed her friend.

The kids are growing up and soon Halloween won’t mean anything. It will give me the opportunity to once a year, buy a huge bag of candy that I have no business eating.

The good news is, November 23rd Your Daily Fiber is celebrating ten years of business as a brick and mortar store. SAVE THE DATE! Ten years is a big deal. So celebrating the big deal we would like to invite you and whoever you should want to bring and help us celebrate. Elaine will be at the store explaining her one-of-a-kind garments. Ivy will be showing her new patterns. She might even show you some patterns she is not quite finished writing. Yarn will be on sale. We will have refreshments and live music. I will be there to carry any heavy thing, no one else wants to carry.

Our crazy lives!


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