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Thanksgiving Snow and a Cute Guy

I don’t usually write on Thursday. Thanksgiving happens on Thursday, and only once a year. I guess I can write on this one Thursday this year.

I would like to thank all that read Monner’s Mumblings and a Happy Thanksgiving, from Monner and Your Daily Fiber. Those that do not read Monner’s Mumblings, I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving from Your Daily Fiber, only. I’m like that.

I would like to give a special thanks to all those who did what was necessary to keep this the greatest country in the world. Starting with the Founding Fathers, thank you.

If you have been paying attention to last week’s weather reports it was pretty tough getting ready for the Thanksgiving festivities. I hope that everyone that need to fly to spend this special day with friends and family successfully found a flight. Not to leave out those who were driving, winter driving conditions in Northern Colorado changed more than a few Thanksgiving plans.

Here in Northern Colorado, Monday morning’s weather forecast called for around 12” of snow.

As the day went on the forecast called for even more snow. Where we live in Northern Colorado, the forecast was calling for, well, a bunch of snow. (Yes, snow can come in bunches.) Schools were cancelled for the next day and the storm hadn’t even arrived yet. Girl Twin thought it would be a good time to ask if she could spend the night at a friend’s home.

Glrl Twin: There is no school tomorrow. We are all spending the night at P___r’s. Me: Have you heard the forecast? If you don’t come home tonight you might need to celebrate Thanksgiving with P___r’s family. Girl Twin: Oh, I can’t then? Me: I guess not


An hour later.

Girl Twin: Can we have a sleepover at our house?

I know what you’re thinking. I should have been thinking the same thing. But somehow having a sleepover at our house made sense to me. Maybe I was hoping that the other girl’s parents would come to their senses. Maybe they would forbid a sleepover at a house where the snow potential was at least three feet. Nope, it didn’t happen that way. Every girl (Three of them) was told by their parents to pack enough clothes in case they get snowed in.

It was snowing HARD by the time Girl Twin started up the mountain to our house. Somewhere on their drive the girls called me.

Girl Twin: Monner, there is a guy who drove off the road. He is going to Kansas. He needs help. Me: OK, what does he need? Girl Twin: He has driven off the road, he needs a place to stay. I’m taking him to our house. Me: Wait, Wait, Wait! Who is this guy? Girl Twin: His name is C__y, he has blonde hair, he is about twenty, he is cute. Me: Is he with you? Don’t you put him in your truck! Put him on the phone! C__y: Yes? Me: What’s the deal? C__y: I slid off, blah, blah, blah. I have no place to stay. Me: Put Girl Twin back on the phone. Me: This is what we are doing. His car heater works, he is safe. Get in your truck and get going before the weather gets worse. Grandma is calling the state patrol. They will help the guy. Girl Twin: But he is really cute. Me: So was Ted Bundy. GO HOME!

(The state patrol helped the kid out. They called Elaine to thank her when they had him on his way.)

The snow didn’t stop. Your Daily Fiber did not open Tuesday. My construction employer told me to stay home. Elaine, Ivy, Boy Twin, and I were stranded with Girl Twin and her friends.

I had no idea what teenage girls talk about. Girl Twin said to one girl, “I can’t believe you dropped an F-bomb in front of my parents.” Elaine and I couldn’t believe it either. My mom would have been ninety this year. I can’t imagine dropping an F-bomb on her.

One girl found an old bathroom scale, which no one has used in years. She came out of the bathroom and announced, “That scale says I weigh two hundred thirty-three pounds.” I’m guessing she weighed about one thirty. I wanted to tell her gravity is different at altitude.

Boy Twin was surrounded by three girls (and a sister). The kids played video games. (Mostly violent video games.) I didn’t realize girls played those games. The girls went sledding Tuesday. Boy Twin spent the day in bed; exhausted from spending the night shooting at the television.

When the snow stopped Tuesday afternoon, the snowplows came up our road. I saw the break I was waiting for, I had to get a vehicle down the driveway. I drove the truck about fifty feet. STUCK! They girls, each armed with a shovel started digging me out. Yes, Boy Twin and Ivy helped. I drove another fifty feet. STUCK! Everyone dug again. Finally, the truck broke free and I made it to the road, pushing 30” of snow the entire way. I could get the girls home!

We decided to extend the sleepover one more night. Wednesday morning Ivy, the girls and I walked out to the road where I had left the truck on Tuesday. Minus 2 degrees, walking the ¼ mile driveway, thru 30” snow.

You know, that sleepover thing is not that bad.

Oh yeah, I hope I didn’t offend anyone for calling the girls, girls. Sometimes I forget it is 2019.

Your Daily Fiber will be participating in an after-Thanksgiving sale. I wanted to open the store at 3:00 AM Friday morning for those of you looking for yarn bargains (15% off). Ivy used (construction language) when I suggested that. She hates to get up early unless I forget to lock the door. We open at 10:00.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our crazy lives!


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