Hides, Caps and Exercise Equipment

I thought I would have National Western Stock Show stories to share. The truth is, I do.

One would think that by the name National Western Stock Show, it would be about all things “cowboy”. Well, it is, but it is so much more than that. The National Western Stock Show (NWSS) is this magnificent trade show. Literally thousands of vendors showing the latest in, well everything. Cows, horses, sheep, llamas, yaks, exercise equipment, (more in a minute) tractors, pots and pans, cell phones, clothing, furs (dead animal skins), water saving shower heads. I’m telling you folks, it’s all at the NWSS.

I was going to look at it all. If you pay nineteen dollars to look at (construction language), you need to plan to see it all.

The day started with a two hour trip to the state capital. I might have exceeded the legal speed limit just to keep it at two hours, considering a stop at Yellow Arches, where the order taker should have asked me (or I ask her) to “press 1 for English.” Seriously folks, I love all people, my grandparents immigrated from Russia, speaking only German and a little Russian.

Their first job was not talking into a scratchy intercom system describing two for five-buck hamburgers. The day was saved by a young, small male, employee. In fact, so young and small, I asked him if he was more than twelve years old. He proudly told me he was fourteen. I thanked the “kid” and told him how proud I was of him, while pointing to the two UNEMPLOYED seventeen year olds in the backseat.

That’s enough of that.

We arrived at NWSS, Elaine bought five admission passes. The person behind the glass mistakenly handed Elaine six passes. I told Elaine, “Just hand the pass to someone in line. Let’s go!” Sometimes you need to “stick it to the man”. (Hey, I had long hair in the seventies.) Elaine returned the pass to the window.