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Tacos and/or Power

I am essential. I have a letter telling me that it is essential that I drive to a location to participate and manage the construction of a taco restaurant. (I didn’t actually print the letter. It is stuck somewhere in my “smart” phone. If a policeman knows how to get it out of there, it shouldn’t be a problem, I really don’t give a (construction language). Of course, the restaurant cannot open for business when the construction is finished, but it is essential that the restaurant is finished.

Elaine is non-essential. She has been non-essential for years, long before the beervirus pandemic of 2020. She decided years ago that drawing power pole, power lines and electrical stuff could be done at home at least three days a week. Spending an additional two days of non-essential drawings would be no big deal.

For those of you that are having a hard time understanding what exactly Elaine is doing, let me help. First, there is not any drawing, at least not with a paper and pencil. It is all done with a computer. (Although, Elaine is old enough to have used paper and pencil.)

You know those GIANT power lines: Elaine, her employers and Elaine’s computer draw every part of those robot looking things and the wires that connect them.

I haven’t the faintest idea why I am talking about Elaine and her non-essential drawing. This is a story of my essential life.

Elaine had decided that I be non-essential on the weekend. My phone has given me the permission needed to build taco restaurants on the weekend, but somehow Elaine’s directive supersedes permission from the governor.

For the first time, maybe in my life, I was Elaine-quarantined. Elaine has always said, “The anticipation is always worse than the event.” It is amazing how wrong she can be. Oh, the anticipation is bad, but the event is/was worse.

I don’t have indoor hobbies. I need to be outside. Elaine did not decree that I serve my time inside, Mother Nature did. The entire day was windy and cold, not to mention, snow on the ground. Elaine and I ventured outside to feed the animal, including Otis, the MILK COW.

The teenagers were nowhere to be found. Of course, Elaine and I had a little to do with that.

Living in the country has a big disadvantage when it comes to the internet. We do not have unlimited internet. With Elaine and her non-essential power lines, we do not have enough internet for the teenagers to do online classes. We had to send the teenagers to live in town.

Again, I find myself talking about something other than myself.

With the animals fed and Elaine and I were back in the house, Elaine said, “Well, I’m going to spin yarn, what do you want to do?”

Me: (Thinking only) Leave me alone, this is not going to be good. Me: I’ll think of something. Elaine: Maybe in a while, we can clean out the cabinets and throw away the stuff we no longer use. Me: I just can’t see me doing that today. Elaine: Well, just let me know.

I checked out Spacebook and read a post about a guy in France that ran a marathon (26. 2 miles) on his balcony while quarantined. That was perfect, that’s what I will do. Not on the deck. It was too windy for that. I’m going to run back and forth across our living/dining room.

I ran passed Elaine and her spinning wheel for the sixth time I noticed she was not going to be supportive in my attempt at greatness.

Elaine: You could read a book. Me: (thinking) If I wanted to read a book I would read a (construction language) book. Me: Yeah, that’s an idea.

Back to Spacebook! Spacebook entertains me for short periods. There is always stuff to laugh at. My legs were vibrating, I needed to find something to do. The stationary bike! After two hours on the bike looking at the same wall, it was just too much. My mind drifted. I wondered where I had left my ax and just how sharp was it.

Thankfully, it was time for a nap. I totally forgot about the ax. All that napping made me hungry. Who knew?

After a snack, back to the stationary bike. Another hour and a half. Oh, I didn’t just look at the wall. I read a book while on the bike.

Everyone in my family has read (and seen) every Harry Potter book and movie. Proudly, I can say I have resisted every attempt by the members of my family to get me in line. You might be thinking I was that bored. Nope, I read “Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates”. I just can’t read about a wimpy guy in glasses, riding a broom, saving a make believe world. I’m a “Thomas Jefferson saving the United States”, kind of guy.

OK, I watched a game show marathon while on the bike. I was gaining so much knowledge from the book, I thought I had better tone it down with a dose of stupidity.

I thought about writing a story, but what would I do today?

OK guys this is serious stuff. Stay safe, stay healthy. God Bless you.

Buy local. Ivy has added a bunch to our shopping cart page. Take a look. Like all the restaurants, Your Daily Fiber appreciates your help. Just like the restaurants and their staffs, we have bills to pay.

After proofreading, Elaine is insisting that I mention that the governor has declared electric workers (which includes Elaine) essential. It comes down to tacos or power, you decide.

Our crazy lives!


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