Tacos and/or Power

I am essential. I have a letter telling me that it is essential that I drive to a location to participate and manage the construction of a taco restaurant. (I didn’t actually print the letter. It is stuck somewhere in my “smart” phone. If a policeman knows how to get it out of there, it shouldn’t be a problem, I really don’t give a (construction language). Of course, the restaurant cannot open for business when the construction is finished, but it is essential that the restaurant is finished.

Elaine is non-essential. She has been non-essential for years, long before the beervirus pandemic of 2020. She decided years ago that drawing power pole, power lines and electrical stuff could be done at home at least three days a week. Spending an additional two days of non-essential drawings would be no big deal.

For those of you that are having a hard time understanding what exactly Elaine is doing, let me help. First, there is not any drawing, at least not with a paper and pencil. It is all done with a computer. (Although, Elaine is old enough to have used paper and pencil.)

You know those GIANT power lines: Elaine, her employers and Elaine’s computer draw every part of those robot looking things and the wires that connect them.

I haven’t the faintest idea why I am talking about Elaine and her non-essential drawing. This is a story of my essential life.

Elaine had decided that I be non-essential on the weekend. My phone has given me the permission needed to build taco restaurants on the weekend, but somehow Elaine’s directive supersedes permission from the governor.

For the first time, maybe in my life, I was Elaine-quarantined. Elaine has always said, “The anticipation is always worse than the event.” It is amazing how wrong she can be. Oh, the anticipation is bad, but the event is/was worse.