I have two stories to choose from that happened this week. I have wondered on occasion why me? This was one of those weeks. I have come to believe God and I have similar senses of humor, because this stuff happens to me.

I know most of you read these stories to here about the new yarns and stuff that you can buy from Your Daily Fiber. We will get to that in a minute, but I need to tell a construction story.

My career in construction does not have many years left. It won’t be long; I will be forced to entertain myself with learning to knit and writing stories about knitters. Yes, I am crying. Yarn is just not funny.

I reached a milestone in my career this past week. Most people involved in construction celebrate career milestones; however, the milestones I’ve celebrated are somehow different than most. I can’t tell you the address of the 1000th house I’ve built. I can’t tell you when I crossed over $100 million dollar in projects I’ve managed. Those and milestones like them; I just didn’t keep track of. If you have been in construction for this many years you should have milestones like that.

I do have milestones that I’m proud of; and maybe some I’m not so proud of. Like the time in Louisiana, when a concrete contractor said to me, “If my check is not here Friday, I am coming back to shoot you!” That’s the kind of milestone I remember.

Of course, there was the time a contractor handed me a white envelope, also by the way in Louisiana.

Me: What’s this? Murphy: It’s for you. Me: There is cash in here. Murphy: I know that. Me: Why do I have this? Do I send it to the office? Murphy: It’s yours.

I called my employer.