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Last Week

So much has happened since we last chatted. We have reached our last month of operating our brick and mortar location. If you think that is bittersweet, you would be correct. Let’s talk about the sweet.

For what seems like forever, we have worked Saturdays. Elaine and Ivy been scheduling lessons on Saturday for years. Elaine has been teaching weaving and spinning. Elaine is getting to slow down on Saturday lessons. Sweet!

In this past month, we have caught Elaine looking for kayaks on the web. OK, that’s a little bitter, at least for me. Elaine was looking at tandem kayaks. If you’ve read Mumbling’s for any length of time, you know by job at Your Daily Fiber was to lift, push and carry. A tandem kayak meant she was planning on me rowing that (construction language) kayak around a lake, while she was knitting.

Elaine asked if she should purchase a bicycle. I am all for that! I’ve that written that our first anniversary gifts to each other were bicycles. Elaine tells me she doesn’t want a tandem bike where she would find herself staring at my rear end while we were riding. Elaine won’t say why she finds that offensive, and I won’t ask.

Again, this bicycle thing is bittersweet. I am extremely happy she doesn’t want a tandem, and that I won’t be pedaling for the both of us. However, I wouldn’t mind doing the steering. While riding our anniversary bikes forty years ago, Elaine and I were riding through the university campus. We rode though the courtyard in front of the Student Center. (Near the lagoon.) The university orchestra was performing in the courtyard. The bike path directed us between two bollards (pipes) placed about eight feet apart. No problem, plenty of room. Except for Elaine.

As I looked back, I saw Elaine starting to wobble. She was in full panic. She steered her bike directly into the bollard on the right. Her fall was broken (luckily) by landing in a flowerbed. Dare I say, beautiful flowerbed, before Elaine landed in it. And the orchestra played on.

The spinning and weaving lesson will continue, Elaine loves it too much. Elaine loves teaching beginners. I have always said (when I wasn’t lifting something) this is an industry that will die, if we can’t get young people enjoying it.

Elaine loves teaching children, however her best work to date, is successfully teaching two sightless women to spin yarn on a spinning wheel.

Ivy will continue with her teaching also. She has already bought herself a backpack and is talking about hiking the Colorado Trail. She laughs that now when “customers” have followed a U-TOOB video or advice from others and need her to correct their problems, customers will need to hike and carry their own supplies.

Seriously, Ivy is continuing teaching, just in a different location. Stay tuned! Personally, I am happy for Ivy and mostly for me. Ivy can row her own kayak and is good on a bicycle.

Of course, customers (you guys) can reach us through the website. We are not gone, just different.

This past week, wasn’t that great for me. I spent some time in the hospital, twice. I stepped on a nail(s) that penetrated my foot. I bled for a while prompting me to go to the ER. The ER doc, who I think is a urine poor excuse for a doctor warned me it could get infected in the next two-three days. Well, he got that right. Three days. Back to the ER.

I had the “pleasure of having a beervirus test. It was great, they stick a scrub brush into your nose and try to stab your brain. Luckily, I have a brain that sits way back in my skull and they couldn’t reach it. The good news is, I don’t have beervirus. They didn’t check for vodkavirus, as that might have been a problem for me.

Anyway, two nights and one day of antibiotics and then five days of orals. I may or may not have had oxygen. (Timely comment)

Elaine bought a magnet to look for buried rusty nails. Ivy on the other hand, suggested that if I would have let it go and I would loose my foot, we would change the name of this crap I write to Stumbly’s Stumblings.

Buy Yarn! Take classes. God Bless!

Our crazy lives!


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