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Writing these stories is getting hard. It was my intent to write humorous stories about yarn. (There is nothing funny about yarn.), so I switched to my family and construction career. There is plenty of crazy stuff to talk about there.

Since I have not been able to work in /on my construction career I haven’t seen anything humorous I need to share with you. Truthfully, for the last seven months, I haven’t seen much to laugh at. Not being able to walk or drive, I have been at the mercy of others just to get me out of the house. (Thanks, Elaine and Ivy.)

I have seen every episode of “Friends” Every home remodel show, cooking show, and every television show regarding life in Alaska. I would look forward to doctor’s visits for the opportunity just to get out of the house.

That said, it appears I have turned a corner. First, and best I can walk, no walker, no crutches, no cane. Oh, I still exhaust myself, but even that is getting better. When the weather cooperates, I walk up and down the driveway, the same driveway I have written about when these stories were funny.

On days where the weather does not cooperate and Elaine needs to work in her town office, I ride along for a change of scenery. The company Elaine works for has a very large office building. I walk the hallways, sidewalks, and parking lot. I climb the stairs, plus I have been given an empty office to rest or just hang out.

“My” office is equipped with a nice leather desk chair with a wheel attached to each of the six legs. Things were going great until I tried to sit down using my unsteady legs. The six legs on the chair headed south, my legs headed north, with the rest of me flying into the desk and then the wall with a horrible crash. One of Elaine’s workmates came running. It was a wonderful thing he was there would still be laying there. Lesson learned, lock the wheels.

I had an emotional setback this week. I mentioned I really look forward to getting out of the house. I had two reasons to get out of the house this past week and both were canceled. One reason to get out of the house was a doctor’s appointment. It was canceled by the doctor who had an emergency with another patient. I was just happy the emergency wasn’t me. The other appointment was social and it has been rescheduled. Elaine took me to town, and if a person can have a good time shopping at a membership grocery store, it was me, until I saw what we spent. That took a little of the fun out of it.

Did I say Elaine took me? I might have lied. I drove! The first time since October 2021. It was great. I was able to get in and out of the car unassisted. I think I am on the mend. This might be TMI, but yesterday I was able to stand up from a toilet without using my arms.

And this Russian/Ukrainian stuff? My ancestors came from the area that is now Ukraine. I don’t actually know if I have relatives there today, but I would ask for prayers to resolve this crap ASAP.

OK, it’s nice outside. I’ve got to go walk my driveway. If you have nothing to do and money for gas, stop by and walk with me. God Bless you guys.

Our crazy lives!



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