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Almost Back

I don’t know where to start. These stories were supposed to be about a yarn store in northern Colorado, the family that owns it, and the crazy that all that can bring. Somehow everything changed.

The twins grew up and left to find lives of their own completely devoid of fiber, knitting, and the store. I’m proud of them for moving on and it’s really OK that they did, Beervirus closed the store anyway.

SO here I am with nothing to Mumble about except something that happened to my health.

I’ve learned so much about health and my body in 2022, and I wish I didn’t know most of it.

First, I would like to apologize to those who were nice enough to wish me a happy and healthy New Year a couple of months ago. I clearly didn’t heed your advice and I apologize for not paying attention.

Things look better going forward from here. My health seems to be getting better. (After all, I’m writing.) Happy! Every day is another day. Elaine tells me how much better I am. I believe her, most of the time.

Just before Christmas 2021, I scheduled a simple back surgery, if there could be simple back surgery. The surgery accomplished exactly what I had hoped. However, something went wrong. I developed blood clots in my legs. The clots worked their way north putting fluid around my heart/lungs. The same fluid surrounding my heart/lungs filled my legs to a point that my leg muscles could not lift my legs to enable me to take a simple step. The fluid added 50(+) lbs to my body weight, Nine surgeries.

Finally, surgery number six worked, thanks to modern technology and a courageous young doctor who wouldn’t give up. Thanks, Doc.

Having been in the hospital for more than 50% of 2022, I have plenty of stories to tell. Some of which I need Elaine’s help to remember. I was “there” but at times I was in a medically induced stupor. I had three procedures that on three separate days that the medical staff did not wake me between them, or so they say. I will tell stories about battles between nurses and myself. I found out I don’t like to be watched while I'm pooping. I guess it’s a dignity thing.

I can walk without the aid of a support device, 50 yards or so. I am losing (3-5 lbs per day) of my excess fluid weight. I’m trying to be “happy”. I’ve got to get back to telling stories, I have doozies.

Thanks for your prayers, God, the surgeons, and I heard them. I can’t begin to tell you how lucky I am/was to have Elaine at my side.

God Bless you guys. Hopefully, the stories will be more fun soon.

Our crazy lives!



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