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I was told last week in the comments of these stories that I ended the Girl Twin car buying story a little early. Well, here is the ending to the story. She/we bought a car. Weird as that may sound, she bought a car.

Girl Twin leans towards the "country" side of life. She goes fishing, she hangs with country folk, and she drives pickup trucks through rivers (at least she drove MY pickup truck through rivers, and I have the $3500 bill to prove it). And now she has a car. A small racy looking car with a spoiler, aftermarket wheels, and something called a woofer.

I had promised Girl Twin that I would help her buy a vehicle and to a certain extent I did. We looked at several SUVs that were within Girl Twin's budget. Most of those had cosmetic issues, some had mechanical issues. After three or four test drives, Girl Twin settled on an SUV that was cosmetically clean with reasonable miles.

We arranged with the car owner to have the SUV by a mechanic. (Girl Twin knows a bunch of cowboys, tractor-driving, car-fixing young men.) We decided to take the SUV to Sammie.

Sammie walked up to the SUV

Sammie: You didn't buy this piece of (cowboy language) did you?

Girl Twin: No, we wanted your opinion.

Sammie: These cars have drive belt problems and transmission problems.

Me: I think I might have mentioned that (Kids need to make their own decisions)

Sammie: If you can wait until tomorrow I will help you with your search.

Girl Twin: That sounds great

Me: Yippie-ki-yea (construction language)

The next day (without me) the search changed from SUVs to cars. I totally approve of the switch providing driving through rivers is taken off the plate.

Later that day, Girl Twin called to inform me she had found a car.

Girl Twin: I found a great car, I can pick it up Monday. Will you go with me?

Me: Of course, what did you get?

Girl Twin: I am buying a Honda with all the maintenance records. It is really nice. Me: How's your budget? (Typical Monner question)

Girl Twin: I'll be fine. The car will be ready to pick up Monday by 1:00.

Me: Ok, I'll pick you up at 12:00

It is now Monday morning at 11:40

Girl Twin: Where are you? Me: Driving to pick you up

Girl Twin: Sara is already here, I told you we need to pick up the car at 12:00

I have always told my kids (both batches) "I am not arguing because I think I'm wrong." In this instance, I will not convince Girl Twin that I am not wrong, so I choose to fight another day. I think about Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe who famously said "I will fight no more, forever." You don't remember Chief Joseph, well you were most likely studying the likelihood of rabbits changing genders in the mountains of Pakistan. Oh sorry, well, unlike Chief Joseph, I will fight again, just not today.

Me: I'll be there at 12:00

Girl Twin: Hurry

The car was ready when we arrived but the financing was not. This was most likely my fault.

Me: You are planning on moving in a couple of months. Why not use our home address so your paperwork doesn't get lost after you move?

Girl Twin: I was thinking of doing that.

Me: (In a non-Chief Joseph moment) Well why didn't you do that?

Girl Twin: I think I hate you.

I had other reasons for using her/our home address. We live outside of city limits, so we do not pay city taxes on big-ticket items. Gosh, I feel just like Donald Trump saying that. And I mustn't forget where we live emission tests are not required. Sorry, Greta.

Before I break my promise to Elaine and bring politics into this story, I had better sign off.

Before I go, it took three hours to change the financing. We spent the time sitting in the bank and a quick unbudgeted trip for chicken strips for Girl Twin, Sara, and me. Girl Twin couldn't afford the extravagance of chicken strips for lunch with a new car payment. I didn't ask Sara, I just pulled out the debit card and enjoy some pretty lousy chicken strips.

God bless, buy yarn, Love ya.

PS Elaine is using up the yarn with her new weaving projects.

Get some yarn before she gets it all.

Our crazy lives!



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