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What's with this year? It hasn't been any fun. The weather has been horrible. Wyoming is having the second most snowy winter in recorded history. (By the way, as the crow flies we are about ten miles from Wyoming.) Our weather hasn't been as snowy, although it is snowing more this year than last, but the wind has been crazy.

Elaine bought me a new personal weather station for Christmas. I've had a personal weather station since we moved here. My old weather station didn't survive. I wrote a story about my war with magpies. The magpies would fly into the chicken coop and eat the fresh eggs and food meant for our poultry. Remember? Well, a magpie was sitting on the exterior sensor of my old weather station. You might know what I'm talking about. The weather sensor has moving parts determining wind speed and direction, outside temperature, and rainfall amounts. The magpie was sitting on the sensor taunting me, making magpie sounds. I couldn't take it, I rushed my shot. Yes, I said I rushed my shot. When the magpie flew off, the weather station wasn't working. I can't say exactly what happened but it could be possible that I shot the wind cups off right off the sensor. OK, I shot the sensor, all right. Do you feel better now? But in fairness to my aim, the magpie jumped out of the way, and I wanted a new, more sophisticated weather station, anyway.

I think I might have been a little distracted with that last paragraph. Getting back to this winter, specifically this last week, I saw temperatures below zero Fahrenheit for three straight days. We don't use Celcius here on the ranch. Who thinks of that (construction language)? Freezing is zero degrees, boiling is one hundred degrees. Each Celcius degree is 9/5 Fahrenheit degrees. Are they trying to (construction language) kids up? I might be headed off in a bad direction again.

The point is, the wind is making the winter seem colder. My older brothers are talking about moving south, Knowing my brothers as I do, that can't be good for the south.

It's not just the wind that is making this a difficult winter. Beervirus has raised its ugly head. Ivy's office passed around another series. Ivy didn't catch it, but I told her to stay away from Mom and me. I have a friend fighting the stuff currently. Get well Miss J! Cheap vodka works just as well as the expensive stuff. I miss you, Gary.

Cold weather helps with yarn sales. It doesn't make yarn sales any easier, but it does make them more adventurous. Pushing snow away from the doors of the storage containers can be a good time if your frame of mind is correct. No need to ride a stationary bike, if you have been shoveling snow for an hour.

Today looks like an indication that warmer weather is coming. It is already sixty-five degrees warmer than it was earlier this week. Yes, you read that right, sixty-five degrees. Welcome to Colorado, at least for a short time.

I'm cutting this short today. I want to play outside. I've got a big day planned. Take trash to the dump. Go to the big box membership stores. Have you tried the raspberry cookies? Elaine likes the cranberry/orange cookies.

Stay safe and healthy. Make sure if the magpie moves you can wait till Christmas for a new weather station. Buy yarn, it keeps me off the bike. God Bless.

Our crazy lives!



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