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Great Combos

Lewis and Clark. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. Abbot and Costello. Burns and Allen. Martin and Lewis. Simon and Garfunkel. Mac and Cheese. Salt and Pepper. Liver and Onions. (Maybe not great) Horse and Buggy. Football and Knitting.

I will talk about only one great combo today, football and knitting. It wasn't until this year I realized just how great the football/knitting combo was. Man, at least at my house it's big.

Elaine is feverishly knitting. I'm about to tell you what she is knitting, but not yet.

First I would like to talk about the National Western Stock Show. It was a family tradition to attend the NWSS on the last weekend of the event each year.

The last weekend of the event features yak, buffalo(bison), draft horses, and exotic cattle. The NWSS is the place and the event I bought my yak(s), Mac, Cheese, and Franks (their names). I didn't buy them all in the same year but that's where I bought them. I hope you are paying attention to the word, buffalo.

My construction career has been in the way of my desire to be a big-time yak rancher. I know you didn't think I had such desires, but let me tell you! Yaks have soft hair that can be spun into fine yarns. Along with the llamas they would be perfectly aligned with Your Daily Fiber. Yaks can be milked (females). You can eat them after they get mean, chase you, and pin you against the fence. This eating them is kind of a messy process, but I know it can be done.

Construction forced me to table my yak dream. Others in the area seemed to figure out the eating yak part of my plan and started buying yaks. Did I mention I still have a yak hide from a very mean yak bull for sale? He's not wearing it. It's huge. It wasn't his choice, but he could have changed his attitude. Not to mention he was the size of a buffalo. (There is that word again.)

For a lot of different reasons, Elaine and I stopped going to the NWSS. Health problems, beervirus, construction, and couldn't find the time. This year was going to be different, we were going to the NWSS.

I mentioned earlier that Elaine has been knitting. I almost always pay attention to what Elaine is knitting, OK, maybe not. I did notice something peculiar about Elaine's current project It was the color. Elaine doesn't like color. Oh, she likes colors of grays, (construction language) browns, and terracotta colors But this project is blue. Royal blue!

I have been quietly watching this blue knitting getting bigger and bigger. She asked me, "I left my tape measure at home, do you think this is twelve inches?" This project is big and getting bigger. And it is royal blue.

Well, yesterday Elaine and I went to brunch with a group of friends. After brunch, it was our intent to head the NWSS.

Me: You know, it's after 12:00, I'm not sure I want to drive down there to NWSS. Gas is getting very pricy.

Elaine: It's up to you. You would be driving. I would be happy getting errands done, going home, and watching FOOTBALL and knitting.

Me: Looks like we're going next year.

While we were running errands, Elaine mentioned to me she was glad we were not going to NWSS. I said I understood but I really wanted to see some yaks. Elaine said she appreciated the extra knitting time.

It was then that the royal blue knitting made sense. Elaine mentioned she needed to get her Buffalo Bills (there's that word again) sweater done before they play in the Super Bowl. Her Buffalo Bills?

While I was making dinner in the kitchen last night, I heard Elaine yell:

Elaine: (construction language, not a good one)

Me: What's wrong? Elaine: Jacksonville scored and I found a dropped stitch.

Football and knitting, a great combo. Not for me, maybe for you. To all you yak ranchers, (copycatters) I may be a little envious, but I was probably there first, so there.

Your Daily Fiber has yarn, maybe in your team's colors. Check us out, and get busy knitting, the Super Bowl is only a few weeks away.

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