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In a hurry!

I'm in a hurry this morning. I need to get this story written and get on with my day. I'll keep it short and sweet.

Last month my daughter, Ivy asked me to look at her phone. Over the years I have fixed maybe millions of problems for Ivy. I assumed she had problems and needed her dad one more time. Turns out I was wrong on that, she just wanted me to see the (construction language) on her screen.

On the screen of Ivy's phone was a photo of a baseball cap. By now I am totally confused.

Me: You want me to see a baseball cap?

Ivy: The Colorado Rockies are giving away these hats at the game on June 11th. I bought two tickets.

Me: Well thank you.

Ivy: It's not like that. I'm just showing you what the Rockies are giving away, I bought the tickets for (some guy) and me. He may not be able to go, so I asked Boy Twin as a backup so as to not waste the ticket.

Me: Great, have fun.

Ivy: Boy Twin might have plans. If everything falls through would you go with me?

Me: I'm in third place?

Ivy: Well, two other friends definitely have plans, you would have been in fifth place. Would you like to go?

Since Ivy was in Kindergarten I have sent flowers to school or her place of employment on her birthday, June 1st. This year was no exception. (Hey did I tell you, Ivy took a job last year at the school district in the Procurement department? She buys stuff. A couple of promotions later and she can afford Rockies tickets)

After receiving her birthday flowers, Ivy sent the following text to me, "Thanks, Pops. You have moved into second place!" She did not clarify if my yearly generosity moved me up or if one of the top places dropped out

A few days ago, (some guy) dropped out. I apparently was in a tie Boy Twin until he told Ivy he was looking forward to a day of no work and no plans. Truthfully, I was looking forward to the same. However, it was a Rockies' 30th-year anniversary baseball cap, and I do loves me some baseball. (Bad grammar, sorry teachers)

Ivy: Let's go together, we can call it Father's Day

Me: I'm in.

Next to putting yarn in boxes or envelopes and sending it to parts unknown. I like going to the Rockies' games

and I don't mind a little competition to get a ticket.

Okay, I need to go. Love you. God bless. Buy yarn, I can't go to every Rockie game and need things to do.

Our crazy lives!


PS The neighbor waited until exactly eight o'clock to start shooting. That's respect for others!


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