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It changed

As a teenager, I would lay in bed at night listening to music. I liked the rock/country ballads from Cat Stevens, Harry Chapin, Jerry Jeff Walker, those guys. I listened to the stories they told in their songs and dreamed about what life would come. Now I tell stories and wonder if people listen, read or care.

I purchased an album by the Van Zant brothers. One of the songs on the album was titled "Help Somebody". One of the lyrics from the song was "If you wanna hear God laugh, tell him your plan."

It was my intention to help a friend this morning before I told my Sunday story. While helping my friend, I got a phone call informing me my sister-in-law and friend had passed away. I'm sorry but I'm not feeling like telling a story today. My plans have changed.

May you rest in the peace you deserve. Take care of him. Someone else can fight the fight now.

Maybe next week. God Bless and thanks for reading.

Our crazy lives!



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