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Lizzie Sitting

I'm going to try to get back to my Sunday routine, but honestly, it feels like I just wrote a story for Monner's Mumblings. And truth be known, I just wrote last Tuesday. Compounding that with how fast this week went, it just doesn't feel like I should be writing today.

Trade shows can really disrupt my life and not only mine but our dog's life. Who's going to give Lizzie two or three dog biscuits before she lays down next to the bed for the night? And don't start that stuff, "Just take her with you." You don't take a ninety-one-year-old (dog years) on road trips. She doesn't even like road trips to the vet.

No, you need to find someone to stay with Lizzie. You would think that this would be an easy task knowing Elaine and I have not one, but two batches of children. Nope, they have lives of their own.

Me: Do you suppose one of you could stay with Lizzie while Gma and I are in Salida?

Batch #1 kid: See if someone from Batch #2 can do it

Me: I'll ask

Batch #2 Kid #1: That's Mdogs birthday weekend, try kid #2

Kid #2: I think I can do it.

Me: Thanks

Kid #2: Oh wait, is that this weekend? I'm out of town this weekend.

Both batches talk amongst themselves. One child steps forward and agrees to spend the night with Lizzie, but only three nights and they can't be home during the day.

Kid: I'll watch Lizzie

Me: Thanks

Kid: I'm doing it for Lizzie, not for you.

I think this child forgot Christmas is just a few months from now. Lizzie's gift just got bigger.

Elaine and I are headed for another show in three weeks in Santa Fe. One child has already told Elaine they will not babysit the dog. One child said they would consider it. One child can't remember if they will be in town.

Elaine thinks she has circumvented the problem by asking a friend to watch Lizzie. These kids have lived in a rural setting for a couple of decades. They know what to do should something go wrong (or right). Elaine's friend is excited. Me? Eh!

Elaine has been asking a power pole workmate for advice on the best places to eat in Santa Fe. Which means? She is confident she has the Lizzie thing handled. I hope she told her friend, not one dog biscuit, not four dog biscuits. Two dog biscuits and sometimes three, Lizzie decides.

Our crazy lives!



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