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Louie and the Rest

Just a quick update on the fox/bird situation. First, I haven’t seen the fox since she left the property in a black Hefty bag. Rumor has it, she is safe at a taxidermist in town. Again, rumor has it, I can exchange only $195.00 for the fox, should I want the fox to return to our house. Considering the fact, the replacement cost of the birds was over one hundred dollars (OK, Ivy and I MIGHT have gone a little overboard when we replace six dead birds with fourteen live ones) I am offering the public a chance to have your photo taken with me and you with the fox sitting on your shoulders.

At five dollars a photo, I will need only thirty-nine people whose bucket list includes a photo being the center of a wildlife photo. Tell your friends! I will consider family (yours not mine) discounts.

As for the new birds, they are brooding in our basement. Before I talk about brooding, I would be remiss if I did not mention Louie, the duck.

Louie has been convalescing in the bird hospital wing of our basement since the Day of the Fox. Louie received wounds on her head and neck and now needs to be separated from the chickens which can be quite cannibalistic when exposed to poultry blood (or any kind of blood).

Louie’s lifelong duck friends, Huey and Dewey did not fare as well on the Day of the Fox. They were murdered by the fox and are buried somewhere on the property. At this time, it is undetermined if Louie is aware her friends are gone.

I have special feelings for Louie. Louie is not happy about being in the hospital. The longer she is in lockdown the angrier she gets. I didn’t like my recent trips to the hospital and if I could have quacked at all the nurses and doctors I surely would have. I know they were just trying to save my life (and then charge me for it). We aren’t making Louie pay for the hospital visit.

As for the fourteen (soon to be sixteen when the geese arrive) new birds. (Is it possible I have a problem?) The new birds are happily chirping in our basement. If you are wondering, they do not have the run of the basement. They spend their days (and nights) in boxes and crates strategically placed under heat lamps.

The birds seem to be happy. Why wouldn’t they be? They are fed and watered daily, sometimes twice daily. They joyfully walk in their feeders and waterers. Sometimes doing something slightly more disgusting in their feeders and waterers, without a care in the world.

When the birds are completely feathered, they will be allowed outside where they will be sequestered from what’s left of the original flock. They will be introduced to the original flock gradually. It’s that cannibal thing.

As time goes on the new birds will be asked to produce eggs for sale or given away. The truth is we like birds more than gathering eggs. Not to mention it is always a challenge to beat the neighborhood magpies to the eggs.

I’ve enjoyed our time together. I hope you have also. Please email the store for your fox photos as well as yarn (and stuff) purchases. God Bless Ukraine. God Bless you and yours. Love ya!

Our crazy lives!



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