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It took quite a few decades, but I've realized something about myself. I'm a complainer. I don't complain about everything, just the weather. Well, maybe more than the weather but mostly the weather.

I dare say, I am quite accomplished in my weather complaining. I have made it easier on myself, by adding two weather apps to my phone. As I understand it people have maybe hundreds of apps on their phones. Apps from banks and stores, Apps to order food, pay bills, store music, just about everything. But not Ol" Monner, I have two, Weather This and Weather That.

I check my apps every morning to plan my complaining for the day.

Northern Colorado has had severe drought conditions for the last several years. I've been complaining about it for years. "Man, it's hot!" Sometimes I would use my special (construction language) in my complaining. "It is so (construction language) hot. We need some (construction language) rain." Last year was the worst.

Last year was so hot and dry that I didn't need to mow the grass around the house. Just to be clear, we don't have grass like a house in the city. We have grass and rocks (big rocks). We mow to discourage rattlesnakes from getting close to the house. It doesn't always work, but I'm not complaining. It's also a good idea to keep the grass around the house short to minimize the threat of wildfires.

Complaining about it being hot and dry turns out to be not such a good idea. We aren't hot and dry this year. Quite the contrary. This year it has been raining and we have not seen any temperature anywhere close to hot. I cannot mow fast enough. I have grass (literally) as high as our fences. If you will allow me a little complaining. I try to mow and the rain comes. The rain stops and now the grass is too wet and clogs up the mower. where I have successfully mowed, is growing again. Elaine sits inside working on her power pole projects with a sweater on. A sweater! In July! Personally, I won't wear a sweater, but I will turn the furnace on. That creates a little problem within the marriage, but who's complaining. I just slipped that one in.

I've decided to quit complaining about the weather. I should have known better. I had the pleasure of building an office building for the atmospheric sciences department of a university around here. (When I say building, I didn't really build the office, I just told others where, how, and when to build the building.) Anyway, I met one of the scientists who spent his career predicting hurricanes and storms. He had recently retired from the university and we were chatting in the parking lot. I should have remembered his words, "It makes no sense to complain about the weather. It will always change."

It rained again last night. I was able to get Elaine to close the windows. It is sunny today and the wind dries out the grass I'm going to mow, but I'm not complaining.

This is the time of year you should be knitting and crocheting sweaters. The weather is going to change. Buy yarn.

Our crazy lives! Monner


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