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Nothing to report

Well, not much happened this past week. I sat, stood, lay, and walked (a little) waiting for the meds I'm on to get me ready for one more (construction language) surgery. It is scheduled for February 3rd, one day after that rolly polly groundhog informs us winter is over (or not).

I have read three books, that I can promise you, I would not have ever read if I had anything else to do. I have watched football with America's newest and biggest fan. Nothing occupies time better than explaining why tackling is not holding and holding is not tackling. It's not that I haven't learned a little about the ins and out of football. I can tell you whose uniforms just don't quite look right in the late afternoon shadows. I know who should be kicked out of the game because he was mean to the other team's players. (Sometimes she's right.)

Anyway, I have been spending time, clicking away the days, pretty successfully I might add. This sumo wrestling thing could work out. I've been doing my due diligence to learn the secret moves of all the really great sumos before me.

I'm sad to say, I am not getting a lot of support from my family, in my quest to become a sumo champion. I asked Elaine to stop by Wally World to pick up some sumo uniforms. She came back with a six-pack of white briefs. I will be laughed out of the ring if I wear those.

Now that I mention it. I asked my readers if they had any old sumo uniforms they no longer needed. Quite a few readers wrote with suggestions, bu,t not one reader actually sent anything I could use.

Elaine tells me I need to take a shower. She is usually right, so I am going to cut this short. Next week should be a good one.

God Bless, buy yarn!

Our crazy lives!



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