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I woke up this morning with a problem. It's been a weird week at our house and now I need to pick which story to tell. I could tell the story of Elaine's week of drawing power poles, which incidentally was totally crazy, or I could write about finding out the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", is totally false. Lizzie learned a new trick.

Elaine's week actually starts some five years ago in Southwest Colorado. I guess I could make a case that her week started over thirty years ago in Northern Colorado. You see, Elaine hasn't always drawn power poles, but she has always drawn something to do with electricity.

As an art student at Colorado State University, while the other students in figure drawing class were drawing naked men with their pencils, Elaine was drawing schematics showing how computers electronically can change beer recipes at breweries. That doesn't sound right, does it? Well, that was a long time ago. Maybe I'm not remembering it right.

Oh well, when Elaine traded in her art degree and pencils for a job with electrical engineers, it started a pretty (construction language) week for her/us last week Looking back, as best as I can remember, Elaine did draw beer schematics. She also drew schematics for mining operations and an oil refinery in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This all leads up to last week.

While drawing beer schematics for the brewery, for a short time, she actually was working in the brewery itself. Just for a point of reference, this is the same brewery that aligned itself with a controversial spokesperson. (Did I say that right?) (giggle, giggle) Elaine didn't have anything to do with the spokesperson's decision, but if they would have asked her she would have replied, "How stupid are you, people?!" Where was I? Oh yeah, schematics.

Schematics also gave Elaine the opportunity to actually work inside the refinery in Cheyenne. I don't believe the refinery had a controversial spokesperson, but Elaine had nothing to do with that. Before I get started again, let's fast forward to about five ago.

Elaine had moved into the power pole and powerline division of the electrical engineering firm. (Just in case you were wondering what I was doing, I was working in construction and was second-in-charge of Your Daily Fiber, a world-renowned yarn store. I hate being left out of my own stories.) I seem to have a little trouble remaining focused this morning, bear with me.

Elaine was working with the team that was designing a powerline near the "Million Dollar a Mile" Highway in Southwest Colorado. If you are familiar with this area you know it has steep canyons with rock walls that made the design of the powerline extremely difficult. So difficult in fact most of the work was done by helicopter.

As a reward for her work, Elaine was given the opportunity to watch the helicopters in action. Here comes my part of the story. Elaine was told that I could not accompany her to watch any of the action. Obviously, they didn't realize my genius and what I could have brought to the project.

Before Elaine was able to watch the helicopters herself, the project was tabled and "put on the back burner". Maybe beervirus, or maybe funding, I can't say, they didn't even want me to watch, so why would they tell me they are stopping?

The project lay dormant for years and was recently revived. Last week it became super important to finish the design of the power poles. Every day, Elaine would wake up and go straight to her computer to start work. If I didn't have the coffee ready, well, let's just say it would surprise you that Elaine would use words like that.

I watched Elaine getting more and more stressed. She was working more and more hours. One day she worked until after midnight, not kidding. All the time, yelling, "Get me coffee, where is my dinner?" OK, I made that part up. I told you, I don't like not being in my stories.

After an eleven-hour day Friday, the power poles were finally designed and ready to be sent to the manufacturer. Elaine became herself again. I still made dinner. What a week!

I've decided to tell the other story. The one about, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks". I think this will be a better story since I'm the star. I can't forget my co-star Lizzie. Lizzie is thirteen human years old. (91 dog years) I am, let's say getting old. As you can see we both qualify as old dogs.

Throughout Lizzie's life, she has always wanted outside at dusk to bark and let the world know she is protecting the house so man or beast, don't try anything. She barks until she is satisfied, at which time she comes back inside and receives a dog biscuit for her work. Last week, I noticed the bark fest was getting shorter and the dog biscuit was getting earlier. But it really wasn't like that at all. Lizzie would stop barking, get her treat and want right back outside. Another bark fest and another biscuit. But we aren't done. Another round and possibly another. I'm not sure which one of us learned a new trick. Lizzie learning if she stops barking she gets a treat. Or me learning she gets a treat for stopping barking. I have believed that saying for so long.

As you can see I need help choosing stories. Comment if you choose. Buy yarn, God Bless!

Oh yeah, one more thing. It has come to our attention that our web page doesn't always notify us that you have reached out. We think we have that fixed. So sorry.

Our crazy lives!



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