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Your Daily Fiber, Cascade 220, and Elk

Last week’s story about our muddy driveway resulted in a scolding from my daughter, Ivy. Ivy seems to think I don’t write about Your Daily Fiber. Well, I went back to read the most recent blogs, and low and behold Ivy was right. Excuse me, I get a little sick to my stomach when I admit Ivy is right. I’m going to take a short break.

I’m back!

Telling stories about Your Daily Fiber isn’t as easy as it once was. Since moving online due to the beervirus, we don’t see many customers. Oh, we run into ex-customers in the supermarkets occasionally. If we are able to recognize them by looking at the top one-third of their faces, we always say hi. Well, at least Ivy does. I can’t take a chance someone will ask a knitting question, so I keep walking.

As you remember, last November, Ivy, Elaine, the twins, a couple of cowboys and I moved the yarn, knitting needles, and stuff to a couple of storage containers, I had placed strategically next to our driveway. The same driveway sometimes covered with snow, and recently covered by mud.

Last Wednesday night, Elaine had turned in for the night. Elaine likes to knit in bed using yarn from a stash of forty years, or yarn that somehow found its way into the house from the Your Daily Fiber storage containers. Stop it, Monner, you have no idea where Elaine’s yarn came from. I was entertaining myself with the computer, not ready to turn in for the night.

Elaine startled me by yelling, “Monner, come quick!” In this past year of the beervirus, that means we could be headed to the ER. Not this time. Elaine then yelled look towards Prairie Divide, there is a herd of something coming down the road.” I ran to the window, only to have my view blocked by the strategically placed Your Daily Fiber storage containers.

At this point, Elaine had not determined just what the herd coming down the road consisted of. I ran to another window. I couldn’t see a herd of anything. Elaine exclaimed, “It’s elk, hundreds of them.” It may surprise you, but elk are rare in our neighborhood.

Being almost dark outside, I was about halfway prepared for bed. But there was elk at the end of the driveway, the sometimes muddy covered with snow driveway. I had to get a photo. No time to get dressed again.

I slipped on my favorite Frocs, grabbed my point-and-shoot camera, and ran out the door. The very same Frocs with the completely smooth bottoms, which incidentally I promised a doctor and Elaine, that I would never wear outside again. Hey, there’s elk out there.

Something you might not know about me is, except for jobs of state, I have lived in Colorado my entire life. I have never been downhill skiing. Until I got to a downhill spot in my driveway. To all of you skiers out there, you have wasted your money on skis, Frocs work just as well. At least for me, they did.

Running as fast as I could, turned out to not be such a good idea. You know back in the day when you were watching Roadrunner cartoons and the Roadrunner’s feet would start going faster than his body? Well, I’m here to tell you it can really happen.

I ran/skied right by the Your Daily Fiber storage containers with two thoughts on my mind. My first thought, “Don’t go down.” My second thought, “Hey, we received a shipment of Cascade 220 this past week in new colors.” Hey, this is my story and I’m telling it.

Well, I didn’t go down. I was able to stop my feet and compose myself once I got past the Your Daily Fiber Storage container with the new Cascade 220. The driveway levels itself out right there. I got a couple of decent photos of the elk. While I wish I would have run a little more, but lying in a snow-covered muddy driveway wearing gym shorts and Frocs didn’t seem worth it.

Just a couple more things. I have promised the kids I would go skiing with them. Not on my bucket list, but it is on theirs. They love when I Roadrunner.

And one more thing, we have Cascade 220. You can order by phone or by using the website. We’ll even take an order in the grocery store if I recognize the top one-third of your face.

As you can see, I can write about Your Daily Fiber (storage containers) and Cascade 220 yarn. I hope you enjoyed it.

Our crazy lives!



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