Monner's     Mumblings

Leaks, Restaurant #1 & #2

Before I write this week’s story, which incidentally I wanted to write last week; I want to thank you guys for the condolences concerning the passing of our two boy llamas. Although most of the comments and condolences were directed to Elaine and Ivy, I felt and appreciate the love you guys sent out. Well, not as much as Elaine and or even Ivy felt. I felt some love even if I borrowed it from Elaine and Ivy. Thank you. I know that some of you have been wondering and asking about the progress the three restaurants that I have been managing construction. Well, actually, no one has asked me, but you have asked Elaine and Ivy. I live vicariously through them. It makes me feel special. I do

Dill and Silky

Sometimes when I get up on Sunday mornings, I have no idea what story I’m going to tell. Today is no such Sunday. I could have written this story last week, but I would have had to amend it this week. I had no way of knowing what was going to happen. As many of you know, Elaine and I have been llama ranchers for the last three decades. We have raised llamas (and alpacas and my favorite; yaks) through the good times and bad. We have seen llamas that have sold for thousands of dollars in the good times. We have seen llamas that needed to be given away during the bad. It is a lot like agricultural Amway. Some people made huge money, while other lost their (construction language). Elaine

Restaurants and the Festival

If you remember, I changed jobs last summer. I didn’t change careers, just jobs. I left the high-stress world of building commercial projects, for the slower pace of building homes. I changed jobs to build not one, but two high dollar cabins down the road from my house. As my luck would have it, it didn’t work that way. Oh, I knew the cabins wouldn’t start construction until sometime this coming spring. I knew I would need to build something before the cabins started, but I didn’t think I would get back into the high-stress world again. Surprise! I was asked to take over management of a restaurant project that the site manager had moved on. I thought, “What’s the big deal?” I’ve done

Groundhog/Super Bowl Day

Today is Groundhog Day and Super Bowl Sunday 02/02/2020. I can admit that I have watched both of these events. Several times in my life, I have been getting ready for work (not on Sunday), turned on cable news, while getting dressed and watch the festivities. I know those guys dressed like 1880’s bankers and maybe some of the thousands in the crowd believe what they’re watching is real, but, I’m here to tell you that chubby ball of fur couldn’t care less when spring comes. He/she wants to be put back in that box and not wake up until all those people are gone, especially the guys in the Abe Lincoln hats. Anyway, Ol’ Chubby Phil didn’t see his shadow. I guess spring is right around the

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