Dill and Silky

Sometimes when I get up on Sunday mornings, I have no idea what story I’m going to tell. Today is no such Sunday. I could have written this story last week, but I would have had to amend it this week. I had no way of knowing what was going to happen.

As many of you know, Elaine and I have been llama ranchers for the last three decades. We have raised llamas (and alpacas and my favorite; yaks) through the good times and bad. We have seen llamas that have sold for thousands of dollars in the good times. We have seen llamas that needed to be given away during the bad. It is a lot like agricultural Amway. Some people made huge money, while other lost their (construction language).

Elaine and I had a different plan. Our animals were not to breed and sell, our plan was to use the animals for their hair (to make yarn) and to pet them. Breeding the animals and growing the herd was not our intent. (It is not as mean as it sounds.) That said,