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one of those weeks

What a week this is turning out to be.

Monday, one of my brothers called with an invitation to join him for lunch. We met at one of those restaurants where you stand in line, waiting for a chance to fill a couple of small bowls of raw vegetables and uncooked meats. After you have picked your favorite food items you stand in line waiting for the opportunity to have your items prepared by an athletic, spatula twirling fry cook.

While waiting at one of those big frying pan things watching the show, I noticed another customer trying to get the attention of the fry cook. This customer had a set of tongs in her hand and some "thing" hanging from the tongs. I went back to watching the spatula twirling. This customer caught the eye of the cook. They had a short private conversation. That was about the time I heard the cook exclaim "Oh my God. Nobody eat the beef!" Whether at home or eating out, when you hear those words, it gets your attention.

I looked at my brother. He is a chicken eater and I was having seafood. We were safe. Someone came out of the kitchen and removed the tray of beef. I gazed around the restaurant. I couldn't help but wonder how many people were eating beef. I wondered how many people heard the cook. I guess it was fortunate that the restaurant wasn't extremely busy.

Sitting at the table, my brother asked, "What the hell was that about?" "I don't know, but don't tip ‘em!" was all I could say.

Moral: If they ask you to stand while they cook your food, don't eat red meat!

In my construction life, I find myself leaving for work very early in the morning. For some reason construction worker hours are 7:00-3:30. I don't know who came up with those hours. I think it might have been a guy who wanted to go fishing after work. (Wow, how the heck did I get started on this)

This is a story about another truck mishap. Leaving for work early Wednesday, I backed the truck down the driveway. With the radio blaring, I heard that crunching metal sound. This is the same truck I have heard that sound several times before. I looked at the empty seat next to me. I wasn't going to blame this one on Ivy.

Reluctantly, I got out of the truck to assess the damage. Elaine has a small green wagon she uses to move hay bales. It was under one of my truck tires. The wagon's handle was under the tire, the rest of the wagon was stuck between the tire and the fender of my truck. Did I say stuck? I needed an eight pound sledge hammer to BEAT the wagon loose where it was wedged between the tire and the fender.

I was pretty sure Elaine didn't leave her wagon behind my truck. Ivy wouldn't have done that. Although, she does have a habit of being around during truck mishaps. The twins!

The twins were sound asleep in the basement of the house. I cannot go to work without showing them the results of leaving things in the driveway. I could, but won't mention I backed over Boy Twin's bicycle last year. I'm waking them up!

Me: You guys get up and go look in the driveway

The twins are now standing in the driveway

Me: What happened here?

Twins: (barefoot and sleepy-eyed): (no answer)

Girl Twin: Can we go back to bed now?

I should have just blamed it on Ivy!

Our crazy lives!


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