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Should have known something was up

Elaine and I have been grocery shopping together for five decades. For most of that time we have shared the responsibility, hand in hand. For the last ten years or so, we have split up and whoever had the most time stopped at the store. With all that she has going in her life I have done most of the shopping lately.

We are having friends over for dinner tonight. Elaine suggested that I make salsa for our guests. I happen to make a pretty good salsa, but I am working on this ego thing, and that is not what this story is about.

I told Elaine someone would need to go shopping. She gladly told me “I will go with you!” Hmmm. Elaine hasn’t volunteered to go shopping with me in years. This is really nice of her. She asked if we were going to the new super store on the north end of town. It has pretty good produce so I told her that would be a good idea.

Boy twin and I grabbed a shopping cart and headed for the produce. Elaine and Girl Twin mentioned they were going to look around. A short time later the females met us in the bakery section.

Elaine: Did you know they have furniture?

Me: Are you going to help? (mumbled) Really? That’s great

Elaine: The recliners aren’t very comfortable

Me: Oh, too bad. Do we need hamburger buns?

Elaine: Girl Twin and I are going to sit in them again

Me: OK, Boy twin and I will finish here

Boy Twin and I caught up the females in the furniture section.

Elaine: These recliners are Buy One get One Free

Me: Hamburger buns are Buy One Get One, I don’t think recliners are

Store Clerk: Yes sir, they are, but today is the last day!

Elaine: I’m getting one!

It happened before I could blink. I got peppers and tomatoes. Elaine got a recliner.

Our crazy lives!


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