Elaine the protector

A few years back, I was playing construction outside of Tucson, Arizona . Monday through Friday, I lived in a hotel and I flew home on the weekend. On one particular day in the hotel, I woke up receiving a phone call from Elaine.

Very calmly, she started to tell me that during the night a couple pit bulls had attacked and seriously injured five of our llamas. She told me she heard horrible sounds coming from the corral. She grabbed a walking stick and went out into the dark. Girl Twin was watching from our bedroom window.

Elaine took her walking stick and literally beat the pit bulls off the llamas and chased them away.

After hearing Elaine tell the story, I resigned my position in Tucson vowing never to play out of state again.

Remember this prelude to the story I am about to tell.

A couple nights ago Elaine and I were getting ready for bed. Elaine was actually on the bed. I heard her scream, “Oh my God. there is a mouse running under the bed.” I was guessing she was screaming because she wanted me to do something about it. Personally, I just wanted to go to bed, but I just didn’t think that was going to happen.

I walked around Elaine’s side of the bed. I didn’t need to wait for her to get out of the way because she wasn’t getting off the bed. Once I got around the bed, there was a mouse just sitting and looking at me. I had just finished a glass of orange juice and still had the glass in my hand. Moving as fast as a senior citizen can move, I stuck the glass perfectly over the mouse trapping him under the glass.

Girl Twin and Ivy were now on site. I asked them to get me a plate, which I slid along the carpet under the glass trapping the mouse for transport outside.