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Days off!

The twins didn’t have school Thursday. Or Friday. I think the school district decided to schedule parent/teacher conferences on those days. The twins’ teacher outsmarted everyone by having conferences after school last week.

I was really happy about the two days off. It meant we/I didn’t have any homework. I’m beginning to hate third grade. These math problems are killing me.

Thursday, the twins were invited to go into town and play at the indoor amusement center with a neighbor kid and his parents. That’s a whole lot better than school or a parent/teacher conference. Ivy and I worked in the store; Elaine went to work at her real job. She tells people she draws electric lines and poles with a computer. I think that really is what she does, but who knows? I’ve watched her, but it looks like lines on a computer screen to me.

Ivy cleaned the store and put yarn on the shelves. I checked my email, read the newspaper online, looked at Facebook, and directed the customers to Ivy. By the end of the day my typing finger was exhausted. Work your finger to the bone, what do you get?……boney fingers, boney fingers

I was charged with picking up the twins at he neighbors by 6:00 PM. I was back at home in plenty of time. Ivy and Elaine were teaching a sock class and a spinning class (After Elaine spent the day with the electrical crap)

I decided to feed the livestock before I picked up the kids. It is best to keep the puppies away from the livestock at feeding time. I usually tether the puppies to the fence while I feed the livestock.

I hooked the 25’ cable to Maggie’s collar. About the time I let go of her collar, she noticed something she needed really bad. She was running at full speed in two strides. I thought she would seriously hurt herself when she got to the end of the cable. She didn’t even slow down! The plastic closure on her collar broke, and she was gone.

In the excitement, I let go of Lizzie. She obviously didn’t feel like hanging around, either. Both puppies are running across the pasture and they aren’t coming back; except for a dog biscuit.

By the time I got a couple of dog biscuits, the puppies are a ½ mile away. I chased them down using an ATV. The puppies followed me back to the house hoping they were going to get another biscuit. No chance!

Back at the house, I notice the light is blinking on the answering machine. I missed two calls.

First Call (just minutes ago): Hey Monner, its past 6:00 PM. Are you picking up the twins?

Second Call (seconds later): Hey Monner, your puppies are in our pasture.

I hate being the first one home. I wish our phone was broken!

Our crazy lives!


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