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Field Trip

It is field trip week at the twins’ elementary school. Yesterday, the twins and their classmates were bussed to one of the high schools in town. It happens to be the same high school that I attended. (The first graduating class) Ivy also graduated from the same high school.

Ivy received better and more graduation gifts than I did. I’m really not bitter, but even if you adjust for inflation, Ivy received better and more gifts than I. This fact has nothing to do with this story but sometimes my thoughts drift when I write this crap. Sorry!

The twins’ and their classmates were to pair up with a high school student to observe and participate in the dissecting of a sheep’s heart. Girl Twin was more excited about the bus ride with her friends, but Boy Twin was pretty excited about the chance to cut something up.

My eighth grade biology class dissected an unborn baby calf. About half way through the class a couple of my female classmates asked to be excused. Our teacher suggested the girls stand in the hallway. This made me really happy. I followed them out the door. I didn’t want to be the first and only one to pass out. I finished the class that day in the hallway with the girls. Now, I am partners in a yarn store, Hmmmm. That’s interesting. That was the end of my veterinarian and medical career.

Me: Did you guys have a nice time at the high school?

Girl Twin: Not really.

Boy Twin: I did! Did you know a heart has vessels 10 times smaller than a hair?

Me: I think someone told me that once.

Boy Twin: Did you know your blood is blue until it is mixed with oxygen?

Me: My blood?

Boy Twin: Everyone’s blood. Did you know those small blood vessels are hard to cut?

Me: You’re starting to make me sick. What did you do at recess?

Boy Twin: Monner?

Me: Yeah

Boy Twin: I don’t think my high school kid knew what he was doing!

After leaving the high school, the kids were transported to a recycle center where they had a “treasure” hunt. I’m with Girl Twin on this one. I think the best part of the day was the bus ride with her friends.

Our crazy lives!


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