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Another Story

I usually don’t write this much but I have a couple things to talk about. First, I want to congratulate Elaine and Ivy and thank you guys. The store is celebrating its 2nd anniversary this week. You guys have turned a small poorly stocked store into something to be proud of. Good work! We would like to thank you guys, the customers for buying stuff and keeping us here.

This is also the first anniversary of Monner’s Mumblings. I’ve had fun, I hope you have too.

Now, let’s get to the important stuff. Lizzie and Team Pyrenees ate my pie. Not a one hundred dollar plus pie from the pie auction, but a $5.99 pie from Wally World. It was apple. I loved that pie. She climbed up on the cabinet and pulled it down. She shared the pie, but not with me.

Of course, this was after she ate my glasses. OK, she didn’t actually eat them, but I can’t put them on my head or see out of the lenses any longer. Bifocals. That dog owes me $305.99 for the glasses and the pie. I could have put them out of reach but everyone else leaves my stuff alone.

Elaine made me promise NEVER to get political. This might be breaking my promise. I had a conversation with Boy Twin driving home from school.

Boy Twin: Monner, I have one less friend at school now.

Me: Really? Who? Why?

Boy Twin: B____n brought marijuana to school (5th grader)

Me: What happened?

Boy Twin: He showed it to K__e. He got suspended.

Me: Where’d he get it?

Boy Twin: His parents grow it.

Boy Twin: Monner, what is marijuana?

Me: Boy Twin, it’s a plant that some people smoke like cigarettes, or some will eat it. Some will use it for medicine if they have a disease like cancer. And some people use it like beer or whiskey to get “like” drunk.

Boy Twin: Why do they want to be drunk? I’m never getting drunk.

Me: Well buddy, I’m going try to help you keep that promise.

This is where it might get a little political. If you are growing marijuana that your elementary school aged child has access to and can bring to school, you are not very bright. I would use the term “dumb ass”, but my daughter reads this crap.

Our crazy lives!


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