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Just another Thanksgiving

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Thankgiving. We are having what seems to be a typical Thanksgiving. If you remember our last Thanksgiving we didn’t have that nice of time. Our kitchen was under construction making cooking impossible. We had planned to use the day to cut down a Christmas tree, but it just didn’t work that way. I won’t go through all the details. I wrote about it last November.

We planned to do things a little different this year. The store is closed Wednesdays so we planned to do our Christmas tree cutting the day before Thanksgiving. School was out and the adults altered schedules to make the trip possible.

We had a great plan. We would leave the house mid-morning , drive 20 miles up the road to a tree cutting farm. The tree cutting farm had a restaurant. We would have brunch, cut a tree and be back in time to run to town to pick up the stuff we forgot for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Everyone was dressed, except Girl Twin.

Me: Are you going with us?

Girl Twin: Yes, can I have something to eat before we leave.

Me: Yeah, but we will be having brunch at the farm.

She went to the refrigerator and pulled out some leftover pizza. She was eating while getting dressed. She didn’t seem to be making progress with getting dressed.

Me: Please hurry, we need to go.

Girl Twin: Monner, I don’t feel good.

Me: Finish getting dressed you can lay down in the backseat.

She just looked at me. Oh-Oh, that’s the “ I’m going to throw up” look. I’ve got to get Elaine. Elaine will know what to do. I ran upstairs.

Me: She doesn’t look to good. She is awfully pale.

Elaine: I’ll check her out.

Elaine was back in a couple of minutes

Elaine: She just threw up. It doesn’t look like we are going. Do you think that pizza was bad?

Me: The pizza was in the fridge, and is only two days old. Why don’t you try a piece and see what happens?

That didn’t work! I can’t tell you what she said to me, but let's just say she didn’t try the pizza. Anyway, this is the second year in a row, we have planned a tree cutting day that didn’t work.

We have a lot of things to be thankful for this year. I am most thankful for my shop vac.

We planned on a Thanksgiving feast at our house. We invited a couple of my brothers. Elaine was rearranging the refrigerator for the anticipated leftovers. She took out the bottom shelf of the refridgerator to wipe it off. Crash! I thought she dropped the ice container from the sound of things. The sound I heard was the glass shelf shattering over the entire kitchen; thousands of pieces of glass everywhere. Thankfully, Elaine was not hurt. Do you understand why I am thankful for a shop vac? It took an hour to clean up the broken glass. I’m starting to dislike this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are spending some time with someone special today. Keep a shop vac nearby.

Our crazy lives!


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