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Disliking 3rd Grade

I knew this day was coming. I was just hoping to avoid it for a couple of years. I should have known, we are in the third grade.

Ivy asked the twins what they were hoping to get for Christmas. The both sat down to write a list. At the top of Girl twin’s list, she started by saying, “Santa, I believe in you.”

The doubts have started.

Me: So, the kids at school have told you Santa is not real.

Girl Twin: S%^& told me her parents give out the presents

(More later)

For fifty-five years I’ve received presents that I have asked Santa to bring me. When I left my parents home, I still got presents. My parents didn’t slide down my chimney in my first apartment to put presents under my tree. Heck, I didn’t even have a chimney. I still received presents.

One year I received a lump of coal for Christmas. (not kidding) My mother would have never given anyone coal. My dad would have! But he would have given coal to all of my brothers as well as me. He really didn’t like Christmas. If he could have stopped Santa from coming to our house he would have. (I still have the coal, if you would like to see it)

Back to the conversation

Me: That’s funny, I didn’t know S%^&’s parents knew where we live

Girl twin: They just do her families’ presents.

Me: Look kid, I don’t know how it happens but, if you have been good, when you wake up Christmas morning you will have presents. I don’t know if it’s a guy in a red suit or how he gets in the house, but he has always been where I was at and he’s coming. Now don’t ruin it for me.

Girl Twin: Monner, thanks.

Don’t you guys ruin it for me either, I have enough coal.

Our crazy lives!


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