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Elaine and Santa

I kind of got in the habit of writing on Saturdays, but today I realized I have nothing to write about. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, Elaine was elected to the Board of Directors at the Taos Wool Festival. I would try to slant the story so it was more about me, but I just can’t find the angle. I did vote for her, but that was the end of my involvement.

This was something Elaine has been discussing with other board members for the last couple years. She has been helping the board behind the scenes for a while. Elaine designed this past years’ Taos Wool Festival’s program. It was the first program that was sold to the public. The program featured stories about the history of the festival and its vendors. It also featured several photographs taken by me of previous festivals. (Snuck myself right in there)

Needless to say, we are extremely proud of Elaine and confident she will be a tremendous help to the board.

The board meets a couple times a year. Elaine will travel to the meetings. I will stay behind to feed the animals, work in the store, and tend to the children. Monner, this story is not about you! Or, I could be asked to accompany her, which could be worse.

We did have a little situation at the twins’ school. Keep in mind there are 42 students at this school, grades K-5. Over 30% of the students in the third grade are my grandchildren. (the twins) The school issued email address to the third grade class.

Girl Twin: Monner, Grandma, we all got email address at school today.

Boy twin: Now we can email the teacher and our friends.

Monner: What would you email them about? (Remember this)

Boy Twin: The teacher can email us if we forgot our homework.

Monner: Can’t they just look at you and say “Where’s your homework?”

Boy Twin: Monner, they want us to have email.

A couple days later, Girl twin was reading her emails.

Girl Twin: Monner, I got an email from Big Kid. It says he wants me dead.

Monner: You better show me that email.

Girl Twin had an email from Big Kid. This was the email.

Dear Santa……..I want Girl Twin dead.

So that’s what third graders need email for.

Of course, now the school is involved. Turns out Big Kid is in love with Girl Twin. Now Big Kid is telling Boy Twin he loves Girl Twin. I told Girl Twin to kick him in the Christmas ornaments if that’s how he shows affection.

The email did get me wondering. I didn’t know Santa was a hit man. That might have been good to know.

Our crazy lives!


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