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Christmas Eve

It might have backfired on me. Elaine and I decided to host the family Christmas Eve gathering at our house. My brothers usually get together on Christmas Eve by alternateing locations. It was our turn to host, plus Elaine wanted to show off the new kitchen. So, here’s where it gets bad.

When we plan to have people over, Elaine suggests I build something. When I here the words “Hey Monner, somebody is coming over”, I know the next thing said is, “don’t you think we should ________ before they get here.” Yep, I’ve been building shelves.

I start asking my brothers what we are doing for Christmas in October. I usually get the standard “I don’t know answer.” We will table the plans, until my niece takes the control of plans. Thanks Kris, you know no one else will do it if you don’t get it started.

Most years we exchange gifts. Kris assigns each member of the family to get a gift for another member of the family. The assignments are handed out and now the brothers get interested. The brothers decide this year we will just have the children (under twenty) exchange gifts. Kris reassigns the gift exchange. A family member announces he/she is not coming. Kris will redo the assignments. Oops, someone can make it after all and they’re bringing another family member. Poor Kris, she went back to work for new assignments.

Next we decide on a menu. This year is especially hard. One of my brother’s divorce was final a few days ago. For the 27 years, my brother and his wife brought a huge platter of peel and eat shrimp to our family gathering. They get divorced and you know what he wants to bring? You guessed it, spinach and artichoke dip! They are the ones that can’t get along, why do the rest of us need to suffer.

Elaine decides every one should bring their choice of drinks and some type of side dish. Brother #1 walks in and asks, ”You have any beer?”

Me: Did you bring any?

Brother #1: No, can I have one?

Me: Oh look, spinach-artichoke dip, yumm.

The final count of attendees came to 22. The ages ranged from 2years to 59 years. Everyone seemed to have a good time. The daughter of recently divorced told Ivy the dip was gross. And, I needed to build the shelves anyway.

Our crazy lives!


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