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Elaine, Walter, and Boy Twin

I thought I would write a story about hoping everyone had a healthy, prosperous year and that they would have a healthy prosperous new year. However, last night events prevent that from happening.

If you have been following these stories for a year you know that our family celebrated a birthday yesterday. Elaine had ANOTHER birthday. This is getting kind of old. Not Elaine, just this birthday thing. We just had Christmas. I don’t understand why she can’t wait a couple of months to have a birthday.

Anyway, Elaine asked if we could celebrate her birthday at the local fondue restaurant. Fondue is really great if you want to throw down a bunch of money to boil your own food. They give you a bunch of raw veggies, meats and seafood, a pot of boiling liquid and let you cook it yourself.

The restaurant does set some rules. They tell you if the raw food touches cooked food it will contaminate the food. Then you need to get a new plate and/or forks, which they will provide for you. They didn’t say if they would charge for the new plate, and no one at the table needed one. I was terrified about the contaminated food, so I boiled everything.

Seriously, we had a great time. We finished the evening kind of early. When settled in the car for the ride home I mentioned we could be home by 9:15 and in bed by 9:45. (I am a senior citizen) Life is good!

While driving home, I might have exceeded the speed limit a little bit. I know this because Elaine pointed it out for me. We arrived home at 9:13.

Standing on the front porch of our home, reaching for the doorknob, I watched Walter (Great Dane/Pit Bull) jump up on the inside of the door to greet us. His left front foot hit the thumb turn on the deadbolt, locking the door. Yep, he locked the deadbolt we have not used for eight years. The same deadbolt we do not have a key for.

You might be asking why we have a deadbolt and no key. I asked myself the same question last night. It would seem when you have 400 pounds of dogs in the house, using a deadbolt might be a little over kill. Emma and Maggie are pretty good at keeping even invited guests wondering if they should go inside. They may not look the part, but Lizzie and Walter would be happy to hold the door open for all that enter.

Just about the time I was starting to panic, Ivy started to take the screen off a window (only to find the window locked), Boy Twin announces, “I can get in!” He ran off in the dark to the other side of the house, and crawled in his bedroom window. Ninety seconds later, he appeared at the front door (on the inside) where he was greeted by the rest of the family with hi-fives and hugs.

I hope 2011 was a good year for you and 2012 is even better. If you are considering a new pet next year, you might want to consider a yak. Ours have NEVER locked us out of our own home. We always assumed man’s best friend would keep out undesirables, but he should have known it was us. If you need to find me today, I will be at the Orange Depot getting keys.

Our crazy lives!


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