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National Western Stock Show

Elaine and I had fun at the National Western Stock Show and rodeo last Saturday. We had a good time with friends. The rodeo was fun and Elaine got to go out to eat twice. (I ate out twice, also. I had to, I was with her.) We went back to the NWSS with the rest of the family Wednesday.

We didn’t go to the rodeo Wednesday. We walked through the trade show and planned on walking through the livestock exhibits. The trade show is amazing. They have blenders that will make ice cream and hot soup in the same blender. (Not at the same time) I’m not sure they have ever sold one, but if you love ice cream and soup, go to the stock show. They have your machine.

We looked at tractors. Some of them cost a few thousand dollars. Some of them will cost more than a half a million dollars. With tractors costing a half a million and diesel fuel costing more than $3.00, it is no wonder a can of corn cost so darn much.

Elaine was really interested in the jewelry booths. (No small wonder!) The stock features some beautiful western/Native American jewelry. Elaine also likes looking at the leather booths. (Again, no small wonder,) This is the kind of shopping Elaine really likes. She likes buying more than shopping, but for some reason she wasn’t a buyer this time.

We did buy something at the stock show. It was me. I didn’t plan on being a buyer. I’m not into leather purses, blenders or jewelry. But the bargain was there and I grabbed it. I went to the NWSS and bought a ……… cell phone.

Our cellular carrier had a booth at the stock show. It didn’t have any customers, when I went by. I had a couple questions about my phone. The guy working in the booth said let me take a look.

Me: I don’t think this phone works right

Salesmen: Do you know your account password?

Me: It’s my wife’s SS#.

Salesman: Do you know it?

Me: No, but I know that it is her SS# and you are most likely looking at it on your computer screen right now.

Salesman: You need to be able to tell me the number.

We are off to a good start. Elaine took a break from jewelry shopping and solved the password situation.

While waiting for the password to be resolved I overheard the salesman tell his buddy he “wore jeans today, that was why he looked like a cowboy.” Huh? I thought cowboys knew something about cows and horses. I guess to be a cowboy you just need to wear jeans.

It was determined my phone had a connectivity issue. It could be fixed by getting a new phone. Phones were being offered as the NWSS special price of $49.99 with a $50.00 rebate to the purchaser. Well, who wouldn’t get a new phone?

The salesman was more than happy to help me take my old phone off line and hook up the new phone.

Salesman: Monner, you don’t have any contacts or info saved in your old phone.

Me: Yeah, I know

Salesman: This new phone, as well as your old phone will save phone numbers for you

Me: I save them in my head.

Salesman: I have sold phones for years; I have never seen this before.

Me: I will dial the phone myself; please make sure I can read weather alerts.

Elaine didn’t buy anything. Girl Twin picked up a toy stuffed horse. Boy Twin decided to save his money in hopes of getting a new game for his hand-held game system. Ivy left with regrets for not buying a t-shirt with “I’m your Huckleberry” on the front. I drove over 100 miles to an agricultural trade show to get a new cell phone.

Our crazy lives!


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